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Yahoo Brings Visual Search Display, Glue to the US

Yahoo Brings Visual Search Display, Glue to the US

For those who are aware of Yahoo’s experimental visual display of search results on Yahoo India dubbed Glue Pages and you’ve actually liked it, then you’ll be glad to know that a similar feature has been launched by Yahoo, specifically for U.S. users. This new feature on Yahoo Search called Yahoo! Glue beta is geared to be a standalone feature which would enable you view Yahoo search results in tab forms according to specific categories.

It’s a little bit of iGoogle in format but is definitely aimed to be a Yahoo startup page. But rather an aggregated content coming from various Yahoo’s content network displayed in a more visually enticing format.

According to a Yahoo Search Blog post, the new visual display for search results was not intended to replace the current way by which Yahoo display search results. It is just part of a Yahoo experiment in trying to give its users more “visual way of browsing and discovering new things from the web.”

Looking at the given samples of Glue Pages for the New York Giants, you’d see a slew of various contents related to the it. So, depending on the popularity of your search, you can have as much as a long list of tabs containing various information and links.

It’s a pretty good way of getting all the online information related to a particular subject. But the success of this new service would still depend on how popular it would be, so much so that more Glue pages will be established even for the not-so-popular topics. Otherwise, if not so many Glue Pages will be created, those who might be curious to try it out, might just get frustrated if they don’t get anything about the topic they have in mind.

To see it in action, check out some of the Glue pages on some popular people, places and things: New York Giants, Henry Paulson, Electoral College, Hugh Jackman, etc.

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Yahoo Brings Visual Search Display, Glue to the US

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