Yahoo Boosts Yahoo Mail to 1 GB Storage

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Yahoo Boosts Yahoo Mail to 1 GB Storage

Yahoo, feeling the heat from Google GMail and MSN Hotmail, has raised its Yahoo Mail’s storage capacity to 1GB, four times what it was previously offering. Email has recently gone beyond the normal text format that Internet users are accustomed to, with email photo and video sending becoming almost mainstream. Such files take up a very large amount of storage space on a email client’s server, such as Yahoo Mail’s, and can easily cap out a normal email account. However, it is quite difficult to fill up 1 gigabyte of email storage space.

According to Yahoo, the world wide Yahoo Mail storage upgrade will start in April and should take about two weeks to complete. Yahoo also says it is expanding its antivirus protection for Yahoo Mail users, giving them the ability to remove viruses from attachments.

The battle over free email services among search engines started when Google released GMail in beta testing last year. GMail offered email accounts at invitation only with 1 GB of email storage space. Google also caused some controvery by serving targeted text advertisements which are relevant to the email conversation. Currently Yahoo Mail is only serving graphical banner and box ads with their email client.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Hmm, I logged to my Y! email account, and it still shows 250MB. How can I upgrade to 1GB?

  • twum

    It says that the upgrade will start in April and take about two weeks to finish, so you’d have to wait a bit.

  • Brad

    If you read the article, it states the upgrade will not commence until April.

  • Kennyt

    Yeah, but I wonder if you’re still limited to the size of each e-mail.

  • Now the only thing that Yahoo needs to do to match Google is rescind the condition that you must visit the account at least once every three months.

    That can be a pain. I once lost all my e-mails at Yahoo because I didn’t visit the account regularly enough. Yeah, it was a back up account but it was for a specific purpose.

  • Just think what email would be like without Gmail?
    Everyone would be still stuck with sub-10MB.
    Amazing what a little competition can cause.

    Personaly, I dont think anyone needs a gig, no where near.
    Whats more, I think Yahoo, Gmail ect are counting on there users only using a fraction!
    Gmail has the best interface of any web-mail client though, how they get it all working so and looking well using mearly javascript is beyond me.