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Yahoo Beta Testing News Search 2.0

Yahoo Beta Testing News Search 2.0

Yahoo has begun beta testing Yahoo News 2.0, a new News Search Engine which unlike the current Yahoo News, draws in news stories from thousands of online news sources indexed by Yahoo. News Search now combines articles from Yahoo! News and over 7,500 crawled news sources around the Web.

The News Search tab on the Yahoo! Search results page allows searchers to switch back and forth between web search and more targeted searches of Yahoo! News. Furthermore, the new Yahoo News Search looks like a search result page.

More New Features of Yahoo’s News Search 2.0 (from Yahoo)

* Users can do one search to access a range of different news features — Stories, Photos, Audio, and Videos.

* The content refreshes continuously throughout the day as news happens and news can be sorted by relevance or date.

* Each headline links to the publisher’s site where the article can be read. The publish date is provided under the title of the result.

* “New window” icon opens the site in an additional browser window.

* Advanced News Search helps you find sites that match very specific criteria, including combinations of words or results in a specific language, the date the site was last updated, unique sources, or pages with a certain word in their title or URL. The options you choose apply only to the current search.

* Full Coverage links located above News Results offer topic-specific multimedia from around the Web so you can view a variety of information on a specific news event.

* To the right of results, we offer relevant photos with new stories and related news coverage with photos and audio/video.

* Yahoo News Search also offers email News Alerts if you want to be informed of breaking news related to a specific subject.

The new Yahoo News is a fresh of breath air on Yahoo and a great hybrid of the old Yahoo News which was soley contained on Yahoo and a News Search Engine (which is very similar to Google News, but more advanced with Yahoo Audio and Video partners). Yahoo News Search can be Beta Tested at

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Yahoo Beta Testing News Search 2.0

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