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Yahoo & Bebo Partner for Search & Sponsored Listings

Yahoo Search is now powering the search results within the Bebo social network.

According to Pete Cashmore at Mashable, Bebo users can now use Yahoo Search Technology to search through Bebo profiles, music and the Internet. It appears that Yahoo Search Marketing is also appearing in Bebo results.

Is this a sign that Yahoo will be acquiring Bebo? Perhaps. But the choice of Yahoo Search over Google Search for a social networking partner makes sense even beyond sponsored search revenue.

  • Yahoo Search Marketing Panama is expanding to Europe & Bebo is extremely popular in the UK.
  • Yahoo’s communications arsenal in messenger and VOIP could be somehow integrated in Bebo.
  • The option of internal payment systems managed by Paypal, Yahoo’s official payment system & prefered partner in eBay
  • Integration of Flickr photos & other 2.0 offerings from Yahoo.
  • Yahoo’s display advertising network & sales force
  • The leveraging of the Yahoo Newspaper Consortium and somehow spinning Bebo into partnerships with major online newspapers

Sure, these may be a bit out there in terms of reasons for forming a partnership, but Yahoo has scored a major search partner in Bebo… and a major showcase for Yahoo Search Marketing’s new Panama interface and the expansion of Yahoo Publisher Network.

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Yahoo & Bebo Partner for Search & Sponsored Listings

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