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Yahoo Answers & Wikipedia Go Mobile on Yahoo OneSearch

Yahoo has added two new features to its Yahoo oneSearch mobile results which have redefined the way search results are served to mobile devices. On top of the local, web, image , news and weather search information which is served via Yahoo oneSearch in a mobile friendly vertical preview format, Yahoo is now integrating Yahoo! Answers and Wikipedia content into Yahoo oneSearch results.

Yahoo already incorporates Yahoo Answers material into Yahoo Local, so ideally oneSearch will be integrating this information as well with local searches on oneSearch looking for subjective queires such as “What’s the best seafood restaurant in San Jose” or “Favorite museums in New York” … but hopefully Yahoo Answers will let Mobile users actually ask and answer questions via their mobile phones, taking mobile web conversation to the next level.

The addition of Wikipedia results is a new step for the company, which plans to integrate other trusted 3rd party material from outside of the Yahoo Network into its oneSearch results.

From Yahoo:

Building on the oneSearch experience to deliver instant answers and relevant results to consumers on the go, Yahoo! is augmenting its popular mobile search product with the knowledge and experience from the more than 95 million users worldwide that make up the largest knowledge-sharing community on the Web.

In addition to Yahoo! Answers, oneSearch is also including content from Wikipedia (currently only available in the U.S. ).


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Yahoo Answers & Wikipedia Go Mobile on Yahoo OneSearch

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