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Yahoo! Answers Celebrates First Year

Yahoo! Answers, the leading Q&A site on the web, has just turned one years old and is celebrating its thriving community of users and their knowledge base.

Yahoo! Answers marks its one year milestone by honoring 25 users at a special awards ceremony during the Yahoo! Answers Birthday party, tonight at Yahoo! headquarters.

Award winners will receive “Community Leadership,” “Category Excellence,” or “Special Achievement” awards, as some of the best and brightest of the 16.6 million Yahoo! Answers users (comScore, November 2006) who act as role models in the Answers community by consistently sharing thoughtful, high-quality knowledge and life experience with others.

“I’m excited to be a part of Yahoo! Answers, and both honored and humbled to be recognized for achievements on the site,” said Yahoo! Answers user and award winner Gordon Glazner, Faculty of Medicine from the University of Manitoba . “Yahoo Answers connects people from all over the world, and allows sharing of the largest pool of information in existence – the knowledge in our minds. People can receive multiple answers to information they can’t readily find on the web, customized just for them. This takes us a step closer to the dream of universally accessible and personalized education.”

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Yahoo! Answers Celebrates First Year

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