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Yahoo Answers : Ask the Planet in Times Square

Yahoo Answers : Ask the Planet in Times Square

Yahoo is launching a pretty large promotion for its Yahoo! Answers “Ask the Planet 2006” campaign today with the unveiling of the world’s biggest brain, a two-story terrarium built on top of the Hard Rock Cafe Marquee in Times Square at 7:30 AM ET.

According to Yahoo, Yahoo! Answers has reached over 15 million answers since its recent debut in December 2005.

The Ask the Planet 2006 campaign seeks answers from online users to help answer the world’s biggest questions from celebrities, world-renowned authorities, and Yahoo! users. The campaign includes a three-day event in Times Square from June 13-15, print and radio ads, and an online marketing campaign. Consumers can visit Yahoo!,, and search on “Ask the Planet” for more details on how to participate.

“Yahoo! Answers is helping consumers find, use, share, and expand their knowledge and life experience with others online and creating a new way to search for information on the Web,” said Cammie Dunaway, chief marketing officer at Yahoo!. “We want to celebrate the success of Yahoo! Answers with our users around the world by kicking it off with a fun, creative campaign and by giving back to the communities that are contributing to the next generation of search.”

More from Yahoo on today’s party in Times Square :

Ask the Planet 2006 Event in New York City

The Yahoo! Answers Ask the Planet 2006 event will feature a two-story terrarium that will accommodate twenty-two “Brainiacs,” composed of selected Yahoo! Answers users that were chosen through an online submission process. The gigantic purple brain, complete with firing synapses and lobes, will sit atop the world famous marquee of the Hard Rock Cafe, overlooking Times Square. The Brainiacs will work from within the brain in shifts throughout the three days, as they set out to answer the world’s most pressing questions, along with other Yahoo! Answers users around the world.

During the event, passersby will be able to stop by Military Island in Times Square, directly across from the brain, and use PCs available for users to ask or answer any questions on Yahoo! Answers. Users from around the world will be able to watch the Brainiacs live via Webcast coverage and view Flickr photos taken of the world’s biggest brain by visiting Yahoo! at, and searching on “Ask the Planet.”

The event will also feature special appearances by guest celebrities, including world-renowned leader in the field of mind body medicine Deepak Chopra, M.D., nationally-syndicated political columnist Arianna Huffington, and executive chef and restaurateur of one of the best known restaurant brands in the nation, including Olive’s, Todd English.

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Yahoo Answers : Ask the Planet in Times Square

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