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Yahoo Answers Adds User to User Mail & IM, Other Features

Yahoo Answers Adds User to User Mail & IM, Other Features

Yahoo Answers Adds User to User Mail & IM, Other Features

Yahoo Answers added a large amount of features and upgrades to their service on Friday. Here’s a rundown from the Yahoo Answers Team Blog:

Spell Checker

There’s now a spell checker tool on the Answer Question page, Email Question page, and comment areas. Now you can be sure your spelling is impeccable, even when you’re not in the mood to read over everything you’ve typed! A spell checker for the Ask a Question page is in the works.

Note: You will only see this functionality with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6.x, and Firefox 1.5.x.

User-to-user Email and IM

You can now send email and instant messages to other participants. Many of you have found connections with other people on Yahoo! Answers, and we wanted to give you a way to contact them without having to post your personal information on the Q&As (which is actually a violation of our community guidelines).

If you click “Reply” on an email, your message goes to a non-functioning address. If a person does not have email communications enabled, you will not be able to send any messages. Your instant message ID will be seen publicly on your profile page if you enable IM communications.

Weekly Leaderboard

The leaderboard now includes a version that tracks the week’s highest point-earners (those who answer and ask questions).

Still no word on the rumored Yahoo Publisher Network earnings for top Yahoo Answers leaders (via contextual ads shown in Answers pages). Hopefully Yahoo Answers or YPN will shed some light on that soon.

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