Yahoo Announces Big Updates Coming This Fall

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Chief Product Officer at Yahoo! Blake Irving announced on their blog today about some of the new updates Yahoo! users can look forward to this fall. These updates come in an effort to keep up with the trend of socializing and personalizing the user experience on the Web.

Users can expect a newer, faster Yahoo Mail, twitter integration that allows you to link your accounts to share and view friends tweets between both platforms, and a new search experience that will bring users news and entertainment content that is relevant to them. Also, a new iPad app, customized content ads, and Connected TV partnerships that will allow users access to thousands of video content sources.

Irving says ” Keep an eye out for updates to more Yahoo! products for consumers and advertisers in the coming months, including communication experiences, more social integrations, and improvements to our content offerings. At Yahoo!, our products are our babies. We create them, nurture them, and watch them grow to engage with hundreds of millions of people. Like any proud parent, we love them as they are — but we never stop trying to make them better.”

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • simple indulgence blog

    Google will eat yahoo …alive

  • Sklep komputerowy

    Much too late.

  • foodandart

    Oh dear,

    the changes that Irving's 'team' has brought to the Yahoo Groups has COST them tens of thousands of list members – and this roll-out that they have started with is very limited. almost EVERY group with long message archives saw he formatting of messages corrupted and rendered unreadable, Groups that dealt with medical issues or political ones saw their members e-mail addresses made public, the 'twitter' style feed was impossible to clean of off topic or inappropriate messages and one list owner saw hackers exploit that message feed and she ended up with trojans getting into her computer and almost destroying her archive of work.

    Read the screaming on the YahooGroups blogs and on the Groups Suggestion forums. There is a universal revulsion to the new Web2.0 'short attention span theater', styled 'facebook' layout the Groups were switced over to.

    This weekend (9/18), many of the afflicted groups were switched back to the original interface and many list owners are taking this time to back up and archive their groups while they have the ability to get their message archives copied with the formatting intact.

    Mr. Irving may speak a good line, using 'buzzwords' that sound catchy to investors and Yahoo's CEO alike, but the truth is, the Groups are FIRMLY entrenched in Web1.0 formats.

    As was posted by almost every Yahoo Groups owner – myself included – if we were looking to set up a 'facebook' style 'social network' we'd already HAVE accounts there.

    The main reason a person takes a Groups membership, is to find INFORMATION on a given topic and share ideas with like-minded individuals. The idea of 'tweeting' chatting ir IM'ing some irrelevant 'look at me!' type statement is contrary to what e-mail listservs are about. Also, to be frank about it, it's really puerile.

    That Yahoo cannot see the value of the CONTENT of the Groups and cannot see they have a huge asset in those INFORMATION RESOURCE NETWORKS (IRN's), and cannot seem to fix the resident longstanding issues with message search, is truly indicative of how shortsighted the company's current direction is.

    I already have decided to leave and take my 2,000 plus members to GoogleGroups – limited as they are in comparison – if the re-design, that is even LESS useful than Google's offerings, goes through without some SERIOUS revisions.

    • David Halfpenny

      It's important to keep three kinds of change separate in our minds:

      – the Social Networking facilities are not bad in themselves – for example Chat is is widely welcomed, and anyone who doesn't need it doesn't have to use it.

      – many professional people find the new graphics juvenile, but that's easily fixed by allowing some Customising, which yahoo have hinted at already.

      – the huge problem is the apparent collapse of functions ESSENTIAL for the prime purpose of email groups – namely sharing INFORMATION of lasting value.

      Some of the howls of pain are from people who don't like the look or feel we already had one Facebook too many before. Yahoo are probably right to downplay their complaints.

      The people to listen to are those who have built up Archives of information and are fearful that they may collapse.

      Let's be blunt without being in anyway rude: it's because it is they who are the key recruiters for Yahoo, rather than the marketing suits.

      It goes like this:

      – Yahoo has a reputation for solid and reliable management of the information entrusted to its servers. OK things go wrong and we moan, but Yahoo are still top of the tree. If you think otherwise, reply and tell me who is and I'll take a look.

      – This reputation has drawn millions of list Owners and Members to create an amazing library of Content. There's chatter in there to be sure, but also loads of serious stuff that needs keeping safe. One guy likened it to the ancient Library at Alexandria.

      – That Content has brought tens of millions of relatively passive Consumers into Yahoo's world as well, using the portal, the email, viewing the ads, strengthening the Brand.

      – So if the Content gets lost or damaged, who will up sticks and leave? Only a percentage – certainly no big deal on paper. But it will be the crucial Content creators who go. The people who hour by hour sign up their co-professionals, co-hobbyists etc to YahooIDs and get them inside the tent, using YahooMail, staying logged into the web pages, viewing the adverts.

      Let me put it another way:
      Yahoo have an unpaid workforce the size of the Chinese Army signing up new customers day and night. And at the moment it looks like Yahoo want to sack the lot and replace them with teens with too much time on their hands and not a lot of disposable income. Does that sound like a good investment decision?

      I'm a small-time player with a handful of Groups. As they overlap a bit I can only claim about 3 000 members in total. If my DATA falls over, I shall have to close my groups. [Fortunately I already have shadow groups ready on other platforms.]
      On paper Yahoo has 'lost' one member and half a dozen groups. Nobody will ever notice. But in practice it has lost 3 001 users of its services, at a stroke.
      But it gets worse. I have all those guys' email addresses on my PC, and I will Invite them in batches to join me on the replacement groups. That's 3 001 people reading competitors ads.
      But it gets worse still. Do the Advertisers care? Not a bit! They just make some kind of assessment of where the smart money is, and move their advertising over there, away from Yahoo.
      But it gets worse. There are several million people in my situation, and that's without counting the big-time operators: I think even the CEO would get to hear if Yahoo discarded Freecycle.

      Now none of this is manipulative or threatening: it's just how it is.
      If Yahoo really feel that the teen ephemera is where the real money is, and all of those information servers are a waste of electricity, then I'll be sad, but it's their call.

      But if Yahoo recognise that their unique expertise is what makes them the best, then they'll manage this Remodel in a way that safeguards that priceless Asset.
      And if that's what they want to do, they can call on their biggest asset of all; an unpaid but dedicated workforce, literally the size of the Chinese Army, who will willingly help them get it right rather than gamble their Content with G**gle or F***book.

      Fingers crossed everyone – the REALLY matters.

      David 1/2d

  • Steve jobs

    I will definitely watch out for thatupdates. I think yahoo should give its website a little rearranging. What i mean is they should lighten the weight of their site. just like Google. Make more usable and convenient tools and make it easier for people to use Yahoo!.