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Yahoo Announces API Search Developer Network

Yahoo Announces API Search Developer Network

The big announcement today at the Search Engine Strategies Conference was Keynote Speaker Jerry Yang’s news that Yahoo is not launching a Yahoo! Search Developer Network which will allow developers the access to Yahoo Search and Overture API’s. Such API access allows developers to create Yahoo powered tools and applications.

“We have worked closely with the development community to create a new program designed to stimulate open discussion, experimentation and development of new search applications,” said David Ku, director of engineering, Yahoo! Search. “We believe that it is critical to provide the development community with both the search APIs and interactive resources to help foster the discovery of innovative applications leveraging Yahoo! Search Technology.”

Additionally, the Yahoo Search Developer Network allows developers to share knowledge through a select interactive online community that features mailing lists and discussion groups dedicated to each API, an application showcase, a weblog, and a “wiki” that provides developers with the ability to ask questions, share ideas and provide feedback on how best to utilize the APIs.

The Yahoo Search Developer Network features Yahoo! Search APIs which span Web search verticals, search engine marketing and direct advertising products including:

* Web search – leveraging Yahoo! Search Technology

* Image search – the largest image search index on the Web with more than 1.5 billion images

* Video search – providing users with one-click access to any video

* News search – with more than 7,000 news sources

* Local search – the most popular destination online for local information

* Spelling correction – advanced search query spelling correction technology

* Related searches – advanced search query recommendation technology

* Overture – access to its search engine marketing API program

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Yahoo Announces API Search Developer Network

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