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Yahoo and FIFA Relaunch FIFA World Cup Site for 2006

Yahoo and FIFA Relaunch FIFA World Cup Site for 2006

Yahoo! and FIFA have teamed up re-launch the official site of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, in Germany (, which Yahoo says “offers an unparalleled one-stop shop for fans of the world’s biggest sporting event, and will include real-time coverage of both the Final Draw and the 64 matches of the Tournament; exclusive vintage video highlights; and a wealth of information about Germany and the specific host cities. In addition, has added three new language versions this week — Portuguese, Italian and Korean — and is now available in a total of seven languages.

“For the millions of passionate soccer fans worldwide, will serve as the most comprehensive site for information that users will not find anywhere else — regardless of country, time zone or hemisphere,” said Jorge Consuegra, general manager of Yahoo!’s FIFA Sponsorship. “With a wide range of video clips, breaking news, interviews and real-time results, the site enables consumers worldwide to engage with the biggest sporting event in the world.”

There have been some rumors recently about Yahoo or Google sponsoring England’s Manchester United Pro Football (called Soccer in US and Japan) Team, but I’d imagine that Yahoo’s marketing sponsorships with FIFA’s World Cup would be more effective than sponsoring Manchester. Especially, since Yahoo and FIFA both share the same global stage.

After thinking about this, sponsoring United may be a smart move, especially since the Yahoo FIFA partnership will probably loose its UK eyeballs once England loses to Brazil again 😉

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Yahoo and FIFA Relaunch FIFA World Cup Site for 2006

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