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Yahoo and Adobe Partner for Downloads

Yahoo and Adobe Partner for Downloads

Yahoo and Adobe Partner for Downloads

Yahoo and Adobe have partnered to provide more Yahoo Toolbar downloads to Adobe Reader downloaders. Adobe and Yahoo announced the strategic relationship aimed at providing consumer services to Internet users. Leveraging the over half-a-billion copies of Adobe Reader software distributed to date and Yahoo the two companies will introduce integrated products that feature Adobe services, significantly increase the reach of Yahoo! Search and expand the online utility of Adobe Reader.

This week Adobe will introduce a co-branded Yahoo! Toolbar that will provide users with access to Yahoo! products including AntiSpy, Pop-Up Blocker and Yahoo! Search, as well as Adobe products such as Create Adobe PDF Online, a web-based service that provides consumers and small businesses easy access to creating documents in PDF. Over time, the co-branded toolbar will launch additional functionality, such as the ability to quickly and easily convert web-based content into Adobe PDF files. Capturing and converting web pages into PDF means HTML content can be taken offline for viewing, sharing and archiving.

“We are excited to enter this strategic relationship with Adobe as it underscores Yahoo’s commitment to providing users with products and services that enrich their online experience,” said Dan Rosensweig, COO, Yahoo! Inc. “Additionally, our multi-faceted relationship will dramatically increase our exposure and reach to consumers via Adobe’s installed base of more than 500 million copies of Adobe Reader.”

A future release of Adobe Reader, Adobe’s universal client software for viewing and interacting with Adobe PDF files, will feature Yahoo! Search as the default Internet search. This new service will provide Adobe Reader users with a much easier and faster way of accessing web search for additional information or content that they may be viewing in Reader.

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