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Yahoo Adds Search and New Features to Yahoo Messenger

Today Yahoo announced the newest public beta version of the Yahoo Messenger service. Yahoo Messenger continues to drive innovation in the instant messaging marketplace by introducing unique features and deeper integration with Yahoo services including LAUNCHcast, Yahoo Games, and Yahoo Search Technology.

Yahoo has introduced deeper integration with Yahoo Search via new search shortcuts makes sharing search results with friends easier than ever. Earlier in the year, Yahoo introduced its new search engine technology while dropping Google as its primary search engine provider. Such integration of Yahoo Search into Yahoo’s premier product offerings, such as Yahoo Messenger, is a sound plan to spread Yahoo Search across user desktops and to infiltrate Yahoo member web surfing habits.

Yahoo Messenger, which currently leads the instant messaging industry in time spent per user, is the only major instant messaging service to provide consumers with access to pre-programmed or customized radio stations available directly in their instant messaging application.

Yahoo Messenger is also the first major instant messaging service to offer U.S. consumers Avatars, graphical and customizable characters that represent people; and Audibles, expressive, verbal animations.

New features like enhanced access to contacts including e-mail and mobile information through Yahoo AddressBook and the ability to be seen by certain friends of choice through the Stealth mode feature, provide an easy, efficient and fun way for people to manage relationships and communicate in real time.

“With this newest version of Yahoo Messenger, we are changing the instant messaging landscape by introducing new ways for people to express, share, and manage, making instant messaging more essential to their lives,” said Lisa Pollock Mann, senior director of messaging products at Yahoo. “By integrating unique features with compelling services from across our network, Yahoo Messenger continues to enable powerful interactions between friends and family.”

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Yahoo Adds Search and New Features to Yahoo Messenger

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