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Yahoo Adds New Email Domains : &

In an effort to boost its webmail usage or delay the exodus of free mail users from Yahoo to Google GMail, Yahoo has introduced the email domain and reintroduced email addresses are currently used (or claimed) by over 260 million global users, and chances are, if you’re new to Yahoo Mail, your name is taken and you probably have to register some ridiculous email address, like

Now, Yahoo Mail users have a more vivid choice in registering their favorite email addresses or usernames. and will have the same features as email addresses like unlimited storage, instant messaging integration and virus protection.

Rocketmail is a rather old email domain, and at one time was one of the most widely used webmail services which rivaled Hotmail. Yahoo acquired in 1997 and used its interface as the foundation of Yahoo Mail. After 1997, no new email addresses could be registered.

After the acquisition, Yahoo let Rocketmail users continue to use their email addresses, and up until today, those with email addresses were regarded as the original users of the Internet. I guess now that Yahoo is letting anyone register a email address, that distinction has been taken away.

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Yahoo Adds New Email Domains : &

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