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Yahoo AddedValue Survey Gives Online Shopping Insights

Yahoo AddedValue Survey Gives Online Shopping Insights

There’s little doubt that the way we think of shopping has changed. In addition to being more aware of online options for purchases, savvy shoppers are using the web before — and even during — purchases. From finding the closest store to tracking down online discounts, the Web has become an invaluable tool for shoppers. Now, a report for Yahoo gives us further specifics.

The report, located on the official Yahoo blog, tells the details of a new cooperative study. In that study, Yahoo and AddedValue surveyed 2,000 individuals to find out more about how they shop. The study revealed several important tendencies about the modern shopper, including how those who use search engines to find details are different in other areas than non-searchers.

Yahoo describes searchers as “a passionate group of hyper-engaged shoppers,” and found that they were highly likely to use a number of other resources prior to making a purchase. For example, half of them would also be using a customer review site, 43% would be checking shopping comparison sites, 37% would be heading to coupon or daily deal sites, and a quarter of them would use social media to help them decide on their purchase. Perhaps most telling of all, more than half of them would be using their mobile phone to help them do so.

Of course, even those dubbed “non-searchers” used several of these online utilities. Several of the resources listed above were used with some minor frequency (roughly ten percent of non-searching users). Additionally, forty percent stated that they would be using their mobile phone to assist in making the best purchase.

This study should serve as a call to action for companies who haven’t yet branched out their online presence. By ignoring comparison shopping, daily deal websites, and mobile availability, you’re simply losing customers.

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Yahoo AddedValue Survey Gives Online Shopping Insights

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