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Yahoo Acquiring IndexTools Analytics : Beefing Up Yahoo Services

Following in the footsteps of Google Analytics and Microsoft’s adCenter Analytics, Yahoo is looking to better its analytics offerings which now exist in a mediocre blogging format with MyBlogLog and a private analytics tracker for Yahoo Search Marketing customers.

Yahoo is getting serious about web analytics with its announcement to buy IndexTools Analytics, which is a property of Yahoo acquisition target Tensa Kft.

Note : IndexTools also offers third party PPC management, and I’m interested to see if Yahoo will continue this service.

“Yahoo! believes that the ability to generate the most valuable and relevant insights is essential to seizing market opportunities and creating successful campaigns,” said Bassel Ojjeh, senior vice president and head of Yahoo!’s Strategic Data Solutions group. “We expect that the IndexTools’ technology platform will provide our customers the opportunity to more quickly uncover and act on these insights, enhancing Yahoo!’s status as a partner of choice in online marketing and the must buy for the world’s advertisers.”

Yahoo plans to first upgrade analytics to Yahoo marketing customers, then offer the technology for third party developers and hopefully sites which are not only running ads on Yahoo.

The acquired IndexTools technology is expected to extend Yahoo!’s current analytics offerings by adding capabilities to deliver relevant insights and metrics for online campaigns that run across the entire Yahoo! network.

Following the acquisition, the first group of customers to benefit from these enhanced tools will be more than 150,000 small-to-medium businesses marketing on the Web with Yahoo!. Additional capabilities enabling third-party developers to monitor and optimize the traffic performance of their applications are expected to follow throughout the year following the acquisition.

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Yahoo Acquiring IndexTools Analytics : Beefing Up Yahoo Services

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