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Yahoo Acquires WebJay : Exclusive Interview

Yahoo Acquires WebJay : Exclusive Interview

Another week, another Yahoo acquisition. After reading through ‘Gorgeous’ Bill Slawski’s fine write up of Yahoo Acquisitions over the years I was magically emailed by Tristan Louis with the news that Yahoo has acquired another company, WebJay.

Tristain writes “A few minutes ago, I learned that Yahoo! acquired WebJay, a site that allows for categorization, editing, listening, and sharing of playlists online (In a way, it can easily be compared to for multimedia.) WebJay was created in early 2004 as a way to create the internet equivalent of mix tapes. Lucas Gonze, the creator of WebJay agreed to taking a few minutes of his time to do a quick IM interview between meetings.”

For a look into WebJay and playlist tagging, I suggest reading Tristan’s overview of WebJay and his interview with Lucas Gonze in its entirety.

By the way, I am flying back to Japan tomorrow after an entertaining holiday filled three weeks back in the United States so posting on Search Engine Journal will be next to nothing over the next 24 hours. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep on the plane this trip. I try to keep comfortable on long flights – streching, taking off my shoes and socks, and not drinking many alcoholic beverages or sodas on the flights anymore as they seem to result in dehydration and dry eyes. Any other suggestions?

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Yahoo Acquires WebJay : Exclusive Interview

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