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Yahoo Acquires BT’s Dot Music

Yahoo gets DotMusic

Not really search engine marketing news, but relevant to the Search Engine Wars, Internet portal Yahoo may be stepping into the online music-selling business following the acquisition of the BT-owned music Web site Dotmusic. After launching a broadband venture with BT earlier this year, Yahoo acquired Dotmusic and Games Domain from BT Openworld.

Yahoo says Dotmusic, which offers music downloads and other music-related content, and Games Domain, which offers game demos, patches and movies, will both be made available to BT Yahoo members.

Yahoo already operates its own Launch music site, which provides news and interviews as well as music video downloads. The company reportedly says it will begin integrating features from Dotmusic into its Launch site and BT Yahoo during the next few months.

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Yahoo Acquires BT’s Dot Music

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