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Yahoo 360 Social Blog Network Updates Features

Yahoo 360 Social Blog Network Updates Features

Yahoo 360 Social Blog Network Updates Features

Adding to the holiday gift giving, Yahoo 360 has just released a stocking full of updates for its social blogging platform. On the Yahoo 360 blog this week, Yahoo announced the following additions.

Ratings and Reviews: In addition to Yahoo Local business reviews, Yahoo 360 is now allowing its users to also write reviews and post ratings on Yahoo Travel, Games, and Yahoo Shopping. The reviews the appear on user Yahoo 360 pages and those of their 360 friends network.

Yahoo Local has prided itself on the integration of user reviews into the local business listings, by empowering Yahoo 360 users to review Travel destinations & transportation, Games, and Yahoo’s Shoposphere – Yahoo is adding more of a community feel to its major offerings.

Yahoo adds : To write and share reviews from “My Page” on Yahoo! 360º, click “Share Reviews.” On the next page, make sure the box is checked next to “Reviews.” Then click the Local, Games, Shopping, or Travel link to go to that site. So put on your critic’s cap and tell us what you think’s hot – or not.

Controlling “Feed” Updates: If Yahoo 360 user feeds are cluttering up pages, Yahoo 360 members can now block other people’s feeds from appearing on their Yahoo! 360 Home page.

Themes: In an effort to get users to add some style and identity to their blogs, Yahoo 360 has introduced eight new backgrounds.

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Yahoo 360 Social Blog Network Updates Features

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