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Yahoo 360 Invites Still Available

Yahoo 360 Invites Still Available

Heard of Yahoo 360? It’s Yahoo’s “blogging local reviews social network friend finder” community which has yet to really take off in the States like Orkut did in Brazil, but Yahoo 360 is fun and I’ve been taking it seriously this week by establishing my network of friends who belong to the invite only club. I have about thirty-something invites left and really want to see how fast I can get rid of them, so if you want to join Yahoo 360 – please email me at .

I find Yahoo 360 to be a fun intermingled way of keeping a personal blog (or journal) and sharing it with my friends and colleagues. IT’s no Blogger, Friendster, or MSN Spaces yet, but reaching such levels does take time. I kind of see it so far as an adult version of Friendster or Spaces, intertwining local news and reviews with others’ opinions in your network is a powerful touch and Yahoo is definately doing a good job of integrating 360 into Yahoo Local Search, Yahoo Music and Yahoo Groups.

Want some reviews on Yahoo 360 before joining? Alex Maccise writes :

“All the hype and excitement of Yahoo 360 is gradually fading away. I’ve sent out 95 invitations and only 30 actually joined, the rest never saw the invitation because of spam blockers, or simply don’t give a sh!t. Yahoo 360 is a ghost town and unless they go public very soon it’s all gonna go down.”

Seems that Yahoo 360 (which is still in BETA TESTING) is listening actively to its testers :

“So we all know that Yahoo 360 is going to allow us to import RSS enabled content, like photos, and music, from non-Yahoo sources by now, yes? According to Paul Brody, director of Yahoo community products, Yahoo has also been listening to the feedback of its beta users, and is busy working on making their blogging environment much more flexible for us. And, they are going to add ‘trackback’. Yep.

In all, I’ve found the Yahoo 360 team to be very attentive during this beta test period. For everyone else not on Yahoo 360 yet, not to worry, it will be available to the general public in the next few weeks. Nice.”

From Leon Kilat:

“Yahoo 360 is similar to, a social networking site with ability to create blogs, and Friendster, which also recently added blogs, powered by TypePad, to its services.

As a blog, Yahoo 360 lags behind the capabilities of Blogger, Multiply and Friendster blogs. Friendster has the best blog program among the four services but the URL it offers to its users is ridiculously long. Friendster, which grew faster than it could handle, also used to suffer from long downtimes. Yahoo 360 still doesn’t offer users the ability to edit the templates of their pages or add third party services such as chat boards. Mobile phone blogging is such a pain to set up in Yahoo 360 — it’s centered on US telecom firms — and I eventually gave up.”

Know of any better reviews or would you like to review Yahoo 360 yourself? Please email me.

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Yahoo 360 Invites Still Available

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