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xMax Wireless Broadband to Bring Cost Effective WiFi Internet

xMax Wireless Broadband to Bring Cost Effective WiFi Internet

Speaking of wireless Internet, several sources are reporting that Joe Bobier and xG Technology have developed a new form of wifi Broadband called xMax. xG claims that xMax will enable broadband Internet services for so called “on-the-go” wireless devices or hook-up homes. xMax is a new wireless technology which is heralded to be able to bring broadband to wider areas than other competing technologies. Well, shiver me timbers, maybe its time for Yahoo and the other search portals to expand past the Asian market and develop wireless solutions for the potential xMax generation.

The reason for such a statement is because xMax is like a radio frequency parasite “piggybacking on frequencies usually used by normal radio stations, the xMax technology can transmit in large areas – for example, the test network in Florida will cover a 40 square mile area of Miami and Fort Lauderdale with just a single base station.”

From xG Technology :

Using only a VHF paging channel and negligible power in adjacent sidebands, an xMax transmitter and receiver pair with ground level antennas delivered data to the xMax receiver over a mile away. Ground level testing presents an extraordinary challenge: the signal must travel through buildings and other obstacles without significant loss or distortion — a feat that more common microwave-based wireless broadband techniques have difficulty achieving.

Transmitting at .0005 Watts, xMax was able to demonstrate range orders of magnitude farther than other broadband technologies such as Wi-Fi. By comparison, typical performance of a Wi-Fi 802.11 hotspot at 1 Watt (or 2,000 times more power than xMax) using ground level antennas is approximately 300ft under similar non-line of sight (NLOS) conditions.

“Demonstrating that broadband wireless communications can occur at such micro-power levels in the presence of interfering signals overturns long-held industry ideas,” said Joe Bobier, President of xG Technology, LLC and inventor of the technology. “What is really exciting, however, is that xMax’s unique signal profile is a perfect fit for low frequency channels that have been previously unsuitable for wireless broadband.”

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xMax Wireless Broadband to Bring Cost Effective WiFi Internet

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