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XBox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Revolution Consoles Heat Up Gaming

XBox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Revolution Consoles Heat Up Gaming

The E3 Conference is being held this week and due to some great coverage by Yahoo Games and Ensight, we’re seeing that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all have a strong console offering to market this year. Yahoo Games has put together reviews of the major games and consoles hitting the conference and store shelves this year – covering Play Station 3, Nintendo Revolution, and XBox 360 previews.

In addition, Jeremy Wright of Ensight is quite excited about the new range of console offerings. From what I understand, Jeremy is an XBox man, but his rundown (with some help from Engadget) of the new video game consoles seem to have his mouth watering and thumbs shaking for some new game action.

From Ensight:

XBox 360 Launch: Judgement: Lots of great games. Lots of online. Lots of wireless. BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY! (for “most” games)

PS3 Launch: Lots of great games. Not much mention of online (could online be the deciding factor this generation?). No mention of wireless. Backwards compatibility (but then you already knew that, right)

Here are some PS3 pics. Anyone else think the XBox 360 is 100 times more gorgeous than the PS3? I’m singularly unimpressed. The controller for the PS3 is even worse.

But, the games look to rock hard, which is awesome. The PS3 launch had way more in-game coverage than the 360, which is too bad. Expect both consoles to effectively look like last-gen’s cutscenes. All the time.

Oh, and, here’s the Nintendo Revolution logos. Not bad. Better than the PS3 or 360 logos, that’s for sure. The “R” is a bit weird though.

Anyways, unless I find the videos, that’s probably all the coverage of E3 for today. I’ll probably post a wrap up when it’s all done, as it’s entirely likely some of the 360 games, as well as cool games like the new Tony Hawk America’s Wasteland, will be on display.

Update: Okay, here’s the XBox launch video. Watching now. Also, apparently the DoA footage here is IN GAME. Crazy. Oh, and FFX1 is coming to 360!

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XBox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Revolution Consoles Heat Up Gaming

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