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Woah! XBox 360 eBay Bids Top $10,000

Woah! XBox 360 eBay Bids Top $10,000

Last week it was DMOZ and now its Microsoft products with outrageous bids on eBay. Can’t wait for the Christmas Eve rush to pick up a Microsoft XBox 360 and can’t place a pre-order? Apparently there is some sort of shortage on the game consoles and some geniuses are auctioning off pre-orders for the XBox 360 for bids reaching over $3,500.

According to DigiWhack, yesterday one bid reached an unbelieveable $10,000 : “Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor as one of the latest eBay auctions is featuring bids on a pre-ordered Xbox 360 currently topping $3,700 and reported actions reaching over $10,000. Right now, for $3,700 you can bid on the XBox 360 Core System.”

So, is the XBox 360 this year’s version of the Power Rangers, Furbies, or Cabbage Patch Kids? Joystiq (with screen capture of $11,211 bid) says that this is just a farse boiled up by Electroincs Boutique employees looking to turn their part time gig into a nice $10,000 bonus.

It’s impossible to imagine that someone would be stupid enough to pay the equivalent price of a car just to guarantee an Xbox 360 at launch. If you’re still desperate to get an Xbox 360 at launch, then read our 5 step plan about why the Xbox 360 shortage is faked. Basically the plan goes: sit and wait for launch day, then try and find one from a store. In the meantime, leave your credit card alone!

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Woah! XBox 360 eBay Bids Top $10,000

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