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X1 or Yahoo! Desktop Search ?

X1 or Yahoo! Desktop Search ?

If you are wondering why X1 is charging for features that Yahoo! is offering for free, think again. X1, the big brother of all desktop search tools offers some unique features including special versions for Government and Enterprise users who have valid security concerns.

To help consumers choose which desktop search tool is right for them, X1 provides of comparison summary here.

Yahoo! Desktop Search – Gives consumers the power of X1 Desktop Search, including the ability to:
* Find all of your emails, attachments, files and contacts on your computer – spanning over 200 different file types.
* Instantly preview results – as fast as you type.
* Search directly from within Outlook.
* Customize and control your desktop search experience.

X1 Desktop Search – Provides professionals and businesses with additional unique features, including the ability to:
* Index and search network drives.
* Index and act on email messages stored in external PST archives – even if they’re not loaded in Outlook!
* Integrate Eudora or Mozilla email software products, which are fully supported by X1 Desktop Search.

Read more about Yahoo! X1 partnership in a letter from the X1 President.

X1 Desktop Search, Enterprise Edition includes all the capabilities of X1’s award-winning desktop search product, enhanced to provide “as-fast-as-you-type” search solutions across shared networks, is extensible, offers better data security options and a centralized server deployment options with a browser-based client.

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X1 or Yahoo! Desktop Search ?

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