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X Introduces New Brand Safety Features For Advertisers

X announces enhanced tools for brand safety. Find out what this means for X advertisers and if it will lead to more effective ad campaigns.

  • X is expanding Adjacency Controls, offering greater adjacency protection for advertisers and signaling progress in building brand safety tools.
  • The company is extending an exclusive partnership with Integral Ad Sciences, X's brand safety partner, to offer vetted inventory for advertisers.
  • Sensitivity Settings are a new automated solution that enables advertisers to align their brand's messaging according to their sensitivity needs.
x brand safety features

X (formerly known as Twitter), seemingly focused on creating a more profitable environment for advertisers over the past nine months, introduced new brand safety features.

These features could allow advertisers to navigate the platform more confidently, optimizing their campaigns while aligning with their unique brand sensitivities.

Expanding Adjacency Controls

To demonstrate commitment to brand safety, the company is expanding its Adjacency Controls, with more than 1,900 global advertisers already leveraging this solution.

The expansion involves extended adjacency protection, demonstrating significant progress in building brand safety tools.

This will enable advertisers to utilize the power of X’s platform while having greater control over the context of ad appearances.

New Partnership For Brand Safety

Further bolstering its brand safety initiatives, X entered an exclusive partnership with Integral Ad Sciences (IAS), a significant brand safety partner.

Because each brand has unique needs, IAS provides customizable control over the contextual relevance of digital ads to maximize campaign impact and cost efficiency.

IAS employs the use of NLP and machine learning to provide more precise content classification and a better understanding of the context, which can lead to more targeted and effective advertising

The exclusive partnership will offer premium inventory to U.S. advertisers under the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) Safety & Suitability Framework, with plans to expand internationally.

The framework, which brings together marketers, media agencies, platforms, and industry associations, aims to create a safer digital media environment by reducing the availability of harmful content online.

Advertiser Sensitivity Settings

In addition to existing protections, X is introducing Sensitivity Settings, an automated solution utilizing machine learning.

These settings align advertisers’ messaging with content on X according to their unique needs.

Screenshot from X, August 2023

Blocklists For Unsafe Keywords

Another innovation is an industry-standard blocklist that protects advertisers from appearing next to unsafe keywords in the for you or following timelines.

This could empower brands and advertisers with more targeted control and transparency, paving the way for more efficient advertising on X.

Improving Brand Safety For Advertisers

This move by X signifies a significant step forward in aligning the platform with industry standards for brand safety and suitability.

It may even encourage advertisers who left Twitter to come back.

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X Introduces New Brand Safety Features For Advertisers

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