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Would You Use a Google Operating System?

Google is getting closer and closer to offering a full blown operating system (if it hasn’t already) with its suite of desktop and office services, the Google bundling in the gPC (maybe Google PC) and Google’s Android Open Handset Alliance for mobile phone OS.

Even if there is not an official Google OS, the pairing of Linux Ubuntu and Google in the Everex Google PC deal (linked above) points to a new dawn in Google penetrating deeper into our computers, far beyond the browser or office suite apps.

Would you use a Google OS? Would you fear that Google is more invasive (or less) than Microsoft’s Vista?

I noticed in a discussion and poll started on Digital Point last night 59% of the respondees said yes, they would use a Google OS. Here is a rundown:

Maybe an OS is in the works already…

Could you imagine how much Microsoft would start to sweat if Google jumped into the OS market?

What if they decided to buy out Apple for their OS and make it opensource or have some variant of Linux?!

On the other hand, Google would then be even more powerful. They could then dictate whatever they want. They would probably KNOW almost everything about the users too!!

If google made a nice Linux based package like Ubuntu, I might consider it. I wouldn’t use anything I couldn’t compile myself from google though.

I’d use it, but not exclusively. As a web developer, it only makes sense that I would at least become familiar with it, just as I would an alternative browser. If it becomes popular, a percentage of my clients and/or a percentage of my client’s customers might be using it – so I need to be able to adapt.

How about you. Would you use a Google OS?

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Would You Use a Google Operating System?

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