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Would an Apple Google Split Mean an Apple Yahoo Acquisition?

Apple may be working on their own search engine technology and search advertising format according to TechCrunch and some other rumors floating around the web.

Apple, a long time Google partner, currently uses Google Search on its iPhone, iPods and also owns the Mac friendly Safari browser, which enjoys a average 6.5% share of the browser market. Google also has been Apple-friendly, with Eric Schmidt on Apple’s board of directors. Google, as Arrington and many others have pointed out, is about to tread on thin ice with Apple, releasing its Google Android, which will be in direct competition with Apple iPhone in the global market.

Is it time for these two powerhouses to end their relationship? Doing so would leave a three headed monster of tech competition on the market, with Microsoft, Google and Apple all biting at each others heels, cornering their shares and coming out with all kinds of new gadgets; good for the people – good for the economy 🙂

So, if Apple were to split from Google, would it provide Google search to its users or go in its own direction? TechCrunch thinks that Apple may pull an AOL, using the core Google search offering to power its own different and more mobile friendly Apple search engine.

What About Apple & Yahoo!?

But what if, just what if, Apple grabbed the bulll by the horns and went after a Yahoo partnership or partial acquisition?

Yahoo OneSearch is a revolutionary local search tool with voice recognition and integrated local, movie and other advertising results; so its almost ready for the iPhone. Similarly, Yahoo Search is local friendly, as Yahoo Local is a pioneer in local social networking, and Yahoo Search Markeitng does have the ability to serve local ads.

Yahoo Search is also cutting edge, with open search branding & enhancement initiatives such as SearchMonkey, which could be easily integrated into the iPhone app store.

And wouldn’t you like to see a seamless Flickr tool for the iPhone? What about Delicious bookmarking and voting of not only sites but songs. And, speaking of songs, Yahoo Music has been in the works ever since Yahoo made Mark Cuban filthy rich in the acquisition. Yahoo Music powered by Apple iTunes? Sounds good to me.

Sure, a lot of dreaming here and speculation, but there might just be some reasoning to this madness. Your thoughts?

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Would an Apple Google Split Mean an Apple Yahoo Acquisition?

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