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Worst Link Building Email I’ve Ever Received

Today I opened my email inbox to a subject line so bad, it added a nice slice of humor into my daily morning routine. I thought the text of the Tarzan-esque email is worth sharing not only for its absolute funniness, but also as an example of what not to do when sending emails promoting a service or asking for a link.

Enjoy 🙂

What you offer conditions on placing of LINKS at yourselves on a site?

by Alies Smeehon

I would like to try to place links at you on a site for money.

What conditions of placing and the price in a month for the main page and for internal pages?

How much you can place links?

How much you would like to receive for placing of the block of links on your pages?


If you have a desire to automate processes of sale ?r purchase links,
It is more reasonable to use one of systems of Smart Link Marketing – for example,

To start job with system it is necessary to establish a script, to put down cost of links.

After that you will start to take money – daily, automatically.

It is not obligatory to you to sell links with the main page, links from internal pages are very well bought.

If at you high Pr and you in Dmoz you can receive that from 2000$ to 4000$ in a month having placed 1-2 link to page.

Oh yeah, these guys don’t offer their own service by link to the affiliate program of a link advertising company. Bad, bad practice and even worse execution. Albeit somewhat poetic 🙂

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Worst Link Building Email I’ve Ever Received

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