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World Cup Firefox Extension & FIFA blinkx Search

World Cup Firefox Extension & FIFA blinkx Search

Can you feel the anticipation to the World Cup heating up in all kinds of media channels? GOAL! is hitting the movie theatres, sports reporters are digging into potential championship scenarios, and even web browsers and search engines are getting into the action.

Multimedia search engine blinkx has partnered with Times Online to create an online video Hall of Fame for the greatest football (or, soccer) goals of all time. Note : uses MSN Search as its main search engine partner.

Here’s the page : World Cup Video Goals

“We’re very pleased to do this project with blinkx because its video search capacity allows us to bring this old footage alive and also gives readers an opportunity to search for other images on the web using blinkx,” said Peter Bale, editorial director of Times Online. “Video on the web is becoming more and more popular and blinkx offers a great device to find hidden content.”

Want to spiffy up your Firefox for next month’s World Cup, well then download FootieFox.

The site is in German, but don’t get freaked out if you can’t read the site. Philipp Lessen of Google Blogoscoped stands by the FootieFox extension and says :

You can track the coming FIFA soccer world cup on Firefox using the FootieFox extension. What’s supposed to happen is that you’ll see the score of games being played in the status bar, real-time. The page is in German but you can see the extension link and also some screenshots.

So who’s going to win this year’s World Cup?

I have a feeling that Brasil is not going to let this one slide by like they did in France 1998 as they are much better of a team than they were eight, or even four yeras ago. Yep, think that we’ll be seeing alot of these types of celebrations, without the annoying announcer (from the 2005 Champions Cup Brasil vs. Argentina Game, may want to turn down the volume):

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World Cup Firefox Extension & FIFA blinkx Search

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