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WorkZoo Job Search Engine Indexing Over 40,000 Jobs

WorkZoo Job Search Engine Indexing Over 40,000 Jobs today launched a job search engine that combines over 40,000 new jobs daily from a wide range of employment web sites across the USA. The new search engine provides users with a personalized job map showing where the jobs are in the United States that match their skill set. Users can click on the patent-pending job map to get a list of jobs in the area clicked.

WorkZoo crawls the web several times daily and stores jobs in its index as they appear on employment web sites. Sites indexed by WorkZoo’s job search engine include the top 10 career sites in the USA and a wide variety of often-overlooked niche web sites.

“To search the more than 2000 employment web sites in the United States would take more than 24 hours if you spend 1 minute per web site. We’re building a way for a job seeker to access every job in the United States instantly”, says Mark Maunder, WorkZoo founder.

WorkZoo automatically removes duplicate jobs from its search results and provides a stored version of each job in case a web site is unavailable. The search engine includes several sorting methods and filters to help job seekers better target their search. WorkZoo also offers its users jobs via email and job feeds via RSS.

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WorkZoo Job Search Engine Indexing Over 40,000 Jobs

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