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Wordze Keyword Research Tool

Wordze Keyword Research Tool

Wordze, dubbed the King of Keywords, is a keyword research and search volume tool suite which allows its users to dig deep into identifying keywords for search marketing and search engine optimization campaigns, for what Wordze says is at a more affordable cost than their competition.

Breaking down keyword research into daily, monthly and weekly search trends and the use of its patent pending WordRank technology, which helps users preplan SEO linking campaigns, are two services which Wordze feels differentiates it from the keyword research pack.

Wordze Keyword Research Tool

The WordRank competitive research tool looks at the top sites ranking for specific terms and then analyzes the age, total links, PageRank and the links per month coming into each site.

The program then recommends authority sites to attact links from, the geographic breakdown of the visitors to the sites ranked for the terms and other linkage data such as .gov and .edu links, to help marketers plan their link building campaign.

Sure, shear number of links usually do not have the greatest effect on overall ranking, but mixed with the ability to judge the amount of links a site is attracting per month which lends to a better grasp on the ranking of competition.

Here’s an example report for “Low Interest Student Loans”

Wordze WordRank Report

Wordze offers a one day trial membership for $7.95 and Monthly Memberships for $35 per month. Wordze Monthly Membership includes:

  • 3,000 Searches Per Day
  • 10,000 Keywords Per Project
  • Unlimited Projects
  • WordRank Reports
  • Keyword Digger
  • Historical Keyword Data
  • Keyword Expander
  • Weekly Top Keywords
  • Monthly Top Keywords
  • Keyword Importer
  • Access to the API
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Wordze Keyword Research Tool

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