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Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

Now that Yahoo Search Marketing’s Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool is on the fritz and there are really no signs of it coming back to life anytime soon, Wordtracker has taken full advantage of Yahoo’s confusing dilemma with the ‘launch’ of a free version of their Keyword Suggestion Tool.

It works kind of like the old Wordtracker, but none of those funky “put your words in a basket” framed set ups and reminds me of the old Overture tool which about everyone in the SEO and SEM industry has been using for years.

Smart of Wordtracker to roll this out when Yahoo begins to have problems. Even if/when Yahoo fixes the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool or comes out their their YSM Public version, I’m sure Wordtracker will by then have won over some loyalists in the search engine world.

One major difference between Yahoo’s Overture tool and Wordtracker are the number of searches shown for each keyterm.

Overture’s tool serves the number of searches performed within Yahoo properties and partners for the month.

Keywordtracker serves the estimated number of search engine queries for a term per day. So, if you’re used to doing your keyword research on a monthly result basis, just multiply WT’s results by 30.

(Wordtracker collects search term volume from and, which account for .63% of the search engine market.)

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Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

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