WordPress.com Blog Network Outage

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WordPress.com Blog Network Outage

In what may just be an Easter fluke, it seems that the entire WordPress.com Blog Network is down for the day, and has been dead for at least an hour. The outage comes after complaints from some blog owners (including SEJ’s Greg Sterling) that posts placed over the past day were lost.

There is a thread right now going on the WordPress.com Forums with 86 replies : Have posts been lost in the past minutes?

Notes from the thread:

Judging by reports on this thread, the site went kaput less than two hours ago. So, bearing in mind that a) it’s a public holiday, b) west coast USA is still waking up and c) restoring backups is going to take higher priority than making forum posts, I wouldn’t expect to hear from any administrators just yet.

What happened? DoS attack? Hardware failure? Software bug? You guys (admins) really need to do some testing on changes or get your infrastructure more resilient. A response would be nice from a recognizable name, something to show some professional courtesy. And how about investing some development time in the ability for us to download our own backups so we can go somewhere more stable…like Blogger.

All my posts are gone. All my links. My blogroll. My catagories. My flickr is still there-but it is showing someone else’s pictures.
Am I still here this AM? If my blog is gone, do I still exist, lol?

I know that servers crash all over the place and hosts are up and down day to day, but one must wonder if such mass outages as the current WordPress.com Blog Outage of Easter 2006 will lead to more questions over the reliability of free blog hosting services such as blogs.com, blogger.com, and wordpress.com and the larger blogs (such as Robert Scoble’s) which are hosted on these services.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
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  • Sushubh

    They do have a plugin in place which makes taking backup relatively easy. So, well… We cannot blame them for that.

  • Bonnie

    And how about investing some development time in the ability for us to download our own backups so we can go somewhere more stable…like Blogger.

    Obviously, that guy never looked at his own Dashboard panel. He can download his entire database by going to Dashboard–> Manage–> Backup.

    But I wouldn’t trade WordPress.com for Blogger—it goes down all the time! Even private web hosts go down. One of my old pay-for hosts took my site down many, many times, once for an entire weekend.

    Now I pay a little extra for a “99.9% uptime” guarantee which has so far held fast.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Good point Bonnie. This outage anderasing of Friday and Saturday’s posts does accentuate the importance of running a daily backup.

  • Angelo Embuldeniya

    Seriously I thought it was just my blog.. but when i checked scoble’s blog along with pommes.. i realized it’s the whole network.. i really hope they get back the service up soon along with the comments and the posts… seems like it just might be a not so nice easter for the folks at WP πŸ˜‰

  • Angelo Embuldeniya

    here’s a post from Dr. Mike, who’s one of the WordPress.com moderators:

    Second Request:

    Folks, as stated before, backups are made of each and every blog. Even the spammers get their blogs backed up. Your blog is not lost. Please kindly remember that. This is the internet. Stuff like this happens all the time. (Between system admins, we call it a backhoe problem. Someone looses their internet connection due to a backhoe taking out a wire by mistake.) As stated, backups are made on a regular basis. Us oldtimes here are pretty much used to stuff like this because it happens on occasion and we have come out of it fine.

    Now please, a person plea. Stop pretending you’re all AOL users and please stop posting “Me too’s” all over the place.

    And to those who brag about other sites like Blogger being up 100% of the time, all I have to say is “Yeah, right” and go digging for that thread about how many times Blogger has been taking off line due to DoS allacks themselves.



    Looks like it’s a question of when will our blogs on wordpress be reverted back to how it used to be πŸ™‚ — patience maybe needed very much right now πŸ˜‰

  • John Giors

    This is in reply to the other comments.

    I’m a WordPress.com user, and I’ve never seen a backup option in the Dashboard. I have looked for one many times, and the best option I found was mentioned on the forums — download your RSS feeds. But RSS doesn’t appear to be a complete backup, either.

    I think maybe the users that report they have a backup option are running the WordPress application from WordPress.org (and *not* using WordPress.com hosting).

    Or, is it possible that some users have different options than others?

  • Matt

    Hey folks, we are indeed working to get everything back up to speed. Because of the nature of the error, we have to shuffle some things around which is making it take longer than normal. We’ve had hardware failures before with little or no downtime, but unfortunately circumstances and timing aligned as such to make this one take a little bit longer.

    As someone already said, we backup pretty religiously to multiple geographic locations, so even if San Diego had been hit by a meteor, your blog’s data would still be safe.

  • Jope

    I happen to be the one that started the thread you mention in your post (I probably noticed the first symptoms earlier because of the time difference, I’m in Spain), and as a wordpress.com user, I can say I am pretty confident things will get back to normal soon.

    If only having a paid service made any difference in these matters, but no, these things happen, and that’s why backups exist, that’s all.

    Matt and the team are running a great system, let’s just give them some timeand we’ll all be happy bloggers again.

  • Jack Yan

    I don’t know much about WordPress, but when I started my own blog, I knew I had to host it myself. Not only would there be outages, but there would be, for example, mass deletions! Last year I heard from a few folks whose entire blogs were wiped by Blogger over alleged TOS violations—when in fact they had not committed them. Guilty till proven innocent.
       Good on Matt for responding here, incidentally. I knew there were frustrations while users waited, but seeing his comments here on a blog was pretty reassuring.

  • Zhopa

    Bonnie at al,

    wordpress.com not only never had a backup plugin installed, but it’s not on the timeline even (as of 09/2005):

    (still down)

  • Bonnie

    I messed up.

    Apparently the backup option hasn’t been activated in the wordpress.com system yet. It is only available (as John Glors correctly notes) to those using their own webhosts, as I do.

    Sorry, guys, for that bit of misinformation.

  • Loren Baker, Editor


    “As someone already said, we backup pretty religiously to multiple geographic locations, so even if San Diego had been hit by a meteor, your blog’s data would still be safe.”

    Thanks for clearing that up and very happy to see that WordPress.com is back up and running.