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WordPress Paying Google Domains Transfer Fees offers to pay domain transfer fees for first 1 million Google Domains customers plus rock bottom pricing on domain registrations Domain Transfer from Google Domains announced that they are paying the domain transfer fees for Google Domains customers, and is committed to keeping domain registration prices low. is matching Google’s pricing on over 400 top-level domains that are offered by

Existing customers will also benefit from rock bottom prices on domain name registrations.

According to announcement:

“You may have heard that your account has been sold to Squarespace. Everything is expected to transfer and close later this year.

Fortunately for you, you’re not locked into that deal.

And we think we can do better.

For the first million domains that move from Google to, we’ll pay your transfer fee, which also extends your registration for an additional year. “

Are Domain Registrations Cheap?

Yes, registering a domain with is very low priced, matching the low prices that Google Domains charges.

  • GoDaddy charges $21.99 per year for registering a dot com domain.
  • only charges $12 per year for the same dot com domain.

It was announced that WordPress intends to keep domain registration prices low from now on, only raising the prices when the wholesale prices rise.

The official announcement says that they intend to offer budget priced domain names as a permanent business model. explains:

“This isn’t a temporary thing.

We’re committed to keeping domain prices low, and will only raise them if our wholesale costs go up (we’ll run our domains business like Costco).” is a Domain Name Registrar is a different company from is the CMS that everyone loves and uses. is a part of the Automattic family of brands like WooCommerce, Jetpack, Akismet, Gravatar and other companies. offers managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting is a hosting environment that is optimized for WordPress websites. is also a domain name registrar.

Why Register a Domain With

WordPress states that their service is superior in many ways to Google, GoDaddy and DigitalOcean.

The announcement explains:

“Our DNS speeds are faster than Google, GoDaddy, and DigitalOcean. But don’t take our word for it. Feel free to check for yourself at “

These are the advantages of registering domains at

  • Faster DNS Speeds
  • Free privacy protection (some exclusions for non-U.S. domains)
  • Free SSL for domains hosted on
  • Low pricing on domain names

Lastly, is a trusted name on the web, known for their commitment for an open web for the entire world. committed to the democratization of

How to Transfer a Domain From Google Domains to

The process for transferring a domain is similar to transferring it to any other registrar.

The first step is to unlock the domain at your current domain name registrar, in this case at the Google Domains dashboard.

At the Google Domains dashboard you select which domains you want to transfer, then click on the Registration Settings located in the sidebar menu.

Then click on the Domain is Unlocked toggle switch.

Once the domain is unlocked, scroll down to the Transfer Out section then click on the link labeled, “Get auth code.”

From there you can visit the Domain Transfer page and follow the prompts.

You can also start at the Transfer your Google domains page at for full instructions.

Read the official announcement:

Transfer Your Google Domains to—On Us

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WordPress Paying Google Domains Transfer Fees

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