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I have written many times in the past about the importance of listing a blog in various authority blogging directories. And although a good deal of the lists out there can be overwhelming (I’m currently putting together a filtered list of the top blog and RSS directories on the net since the New Media 55 is very outdated), there are some blogging directories which carry high value and tend to only list quality blogs. But what about those which only list WordPress blogs?

WordPress is the premier blogging technology on the web, so if you’re using WordPress you’re already working smart. If you’re using WordPress and your blog has an exceptional feel, tone or design, take full advantage of the opportunities which a business blog powered by WordPress can bring you by submitting your WordPress powered blog to these handful of sites which only feature WordPress blogs. Showcase Showcase : Probably one of the more valuable locations online to list your WordPress blog, the WordPress Showcase features user submitted and approved WordPress Blogs, the best of the best so to say, with voting and rating enabled listings. The Showcase is hosted on, one of the top authority sites on the Internet, and is linked to directly from the homepage.


As you may imagine, the WordPress Showcase is highly selective, and limits itself to WordPress powered sites and blogs which are :

  • Using WordPress in a unique or innovative way.
  • Attracting tens of thousands of regular readers.
  • Being written by someone famous or especially notable in his or her particular field.
  • Representing a notable organization, government entity, or corporation as an official blog or web site.

While only a relatively small number of submissions are eventually added to the WordPress Showcase, a number of exceptional sites and blogs are added weekly.

WP Count is another showcase type gallery where blog owners can submit their blog to be featured on the WPCount homepage and archived in their categorical library. If you have launched a new redesign, this is an excellent authority location to try and get it featured, and get some nice links 🙂

wpcount wordpress directory

welovewp wordpress blog directoryWe Love WP is another gallery of WordPress powered sites, showcasing WordPress blogs in blog style archives. In order for blogs to be considered for We Love WP, the site has to be WordPress powered with an original design or a completely original modification of a free or premium theme design.

Submit to WeLoveWP or browse their Archives (note, the last archive was from December 2008, so it does not look like the site has been updated much over the past couple of months, hopefully this post will get them going again).

[Note : The following sites are not of the same quality of the three above, but I felt they should be mentioned in all fairness]

WordPress Garden is another gallery of WordPress powered sites, which seems to be updated not very often, and is run by Sadish Bala, who also owns Again, it may be worth the submit if it wakes up Sadish and he starts running and editing the site again.

Digging into more of the traditional web directory feel, WordPress Blog Directory may be powered by PHP Link, but could be a place to list your WordPress Blog.

Of course, you can also always list your own WordPress Templates in various WordPress Galleries and other WordPress oriented sites. We’ll have another post coming up on that in the future.

Are there any other WordPress only blog directories which you recommend? Please feel free to share them in the comments below.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Matt

    What about sites that use WordPress as a CMS? I’ve been rejected from some of these WordPress directories because I don’t have a blog on my site currently. I am working on it.

  • Hi Loren. I appreciate the mention of our directory in your article and we’ll definitely take into consideration your suggestions to make the site better. A few days ago we actually cleaned up the whole directory, getting rid of dead links and non-related listings. We also included a new “Wordpress Articles” category, where people can submit WordPress related articles.

    In response to Matt and Trent. We do accept submissions of sites that use WordPress as a CMS, even if the site does not function as a traditional blog. Non-Wordpress sites can also be submitted as long as the site offers “Wordpress resources” of some sort, for example plugins, themes, tutorials or related articles.

    Thanks again!

    Fabrizio M.

  • Having run a human edited blog directory for almost two years, I can attest to the fact that the majority of WordPress bloggers have a higher standard than people using free blog platforms that support advertising such as Blogger and Blogspot.

    Almost every time we Tweet about a great new blog that’s caught our attention, it’s running WordPress.

    Thanks for the links to these WP-Only directories.

  • Thank you for the post. I suspect I am not alone in self-regulating what contests I enter, what jobs I go for, and what sites I submit to.
    Somehow I talked myself out of submitting to the Showcase.

    But after reading this – I think why not? Why judge that it won’t be accepted? Let them decide.

    So I have gone ahead and submitted it.

    Again, thanks for the post.

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  • I have received quite a number of new submissions at after being featured by you.
    Thank you.
    I was on a vacation for a month and now I am back on US. I will try and focus on the site more as we go forward.


    thanks for writing about this topic, wordpress is the best thing since sliced google bread

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  • Thanks for these links. It’ s difficult to get a new blog off the ground these days – well that is my experience anyway.

  • Great resource for getting your blog off the ground. Word Press .org is my favorite.

  • Thanks for these WordPress resources. I love WP-Count. Visit it almost daily!

  • good resource.. thanks

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  • It is dissapointing that WordPress showcase is so selective…it seems like a lot of those featured are rather mundane.

    I’m going to try to get listed in WordPress Garden

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    thanks for the information….. very useful one…

  • Im new to this topoic thanks for sharing this information.

  • Im new to this topoic thanks for sharing this information.

  • Thanks for the information but i really would like to know if these submissions are permanent or temporary

  • WordPress-Directory is dead 🙁

  • This might be my try, to build links to my new blog, thanks 😀