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Wix Integrates Google URL Inspection API

Wix adds new SEO tools using Google's Search Console URL Inspection API.

Wix URL Inspection API Integration

Wix is integrating Google’s URL Inspection API directly into the new Wix Site Inspection Tool, providing users with an easy way to achieve and maintain a good search presence.

Users can now view insights into how Google is indexing a site and debug technical issues like structured data on a sitewide basis.

Search Console URL Inspection API

In January 2022, Google announced a new Application Programming Interface (API) that enables the creation of tools that can access URL inspection data.

This is called the Search Console URL Inspection API.

The launch of this API was important because it allowed users to create custom ways to access and use valuable data on how a site is performing in Google.

Google’s January announcement of the API explained why it is important:

“The Search Console APIs are a way to access data outside of Search Console, through external applications and products.

With the new URL Inspection API, we’re providing a new tool for developers to debug and optimize their pages.

You can request the data Search Console has about the indexed version of a URL; the API will return the indexed information currently available in the URL Inspection tool.”

Wix Integration of RL Inspection API

Users of Wix now have access to this data within a Wix dashboard.

Nati Elimelech, Head of SEO at Wix, explained what Wix users would be able to do:

“The tool will report any index status that Google is reporting, sometimes with easier language to understand.

For example, it could be “crawled but not indexed” or “blocked by robots.txt” etc. Each index status detail will have a “learn more” link to an article explaining it and mentioning the common reasons why it could happen, with links to more relevant explanations.

We also tell the users exactly what app and type of page each URL is so they can easily know where they need to take action.”

Google’s API also helps debug structured data, which is super important. Proper structured data makes websites eligible to have their webpages displayed in what Google terms enhancements to search.

Enhancements to search are a special kind of search result that stands out. They are also known as Rich Results.

Google can sometimes read the information on a page and algorithmically decide to include it as a rich result.

But using structured data makes it easier for Google to do.

Consequently, it’s vital to use structured data to become eligible for enhanced search results that make a webpage result stand out and attract more site visitors.

Google’s structured data tool uses words like “warning,” which gives the false impression that something is wrong. But that’s not always the case. Google marks potential issues with a “warning” for an optional variable.

Wix’s implementation of the structured data debugging put the warnings into the proper context by naming it an “optional fix.”

Elimelech confirmed that Wix’s implementation of the API would help debug structured data:

“Absolutely, if a required field is missing, it will show as “issue” in the table and in the panel you will see which field is missing.

Users will see the exact fields that are missing in the structured data markup and its severity – including issues that require action, or just optional fields that can be added to enrich the markup.

If it’s a recommended field that is missing you will see “optional fix” in the table and in the panel of the exact fields that are missing.

We adjusted some of the language to better reflect the actual impact on the users’ site, so we changed what may feel like alarming warnings for recommended fields to “optional fix” so users will understand that it is a recommendation and not something that is making their pages ineligible for rich results on Google’s SERPs.”

Solving Indexing Issues

The new Wix URL Inspection tool will also be able to call attention to indexing issues, which will give businesses an early warning to fix something before it becomes a major problem.

According to Wix:

“With this tool, users can debug any issue that they would get if they manually used Search Console’s inspect URL tool.

Users can understand the index status of their pages in Google and the specific reason for it.

For each issue, we have additional resources to help guide users.

These articles provide in depth explanations about each response, the possible reasons for it and how to fix it.

Users will also be able to debug their mobile readiness and their structure data status.”

Wix Platform Handles Technology

The value of Wix is that it enables businesses to focus on doing business without having to deal with the underlying technology.

Wix continues to be a leader in professional website builders by being the first SaaS site builder platform to integrate the Search Console URL Inspection API and making it easy to interpret the data and use it to help maximize search presence.


Read the Wix Documentation:

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Wix Integrates Google URL Inspection API

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