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Windows Live QnA Update & Screenshots

Windows Live QnA Update & Screenshots

Windows Live QnA Update & Screenshots

Apparently the Windows Live beans were spilled a bit too early last week when the searchosphere caught a wiff of the Microsoft project which is planned to compete with the Yahoo Answers Social Q&A Search service.

The Windows Live QnA team has now created the QnA Blog with a sneak preview to the new Microsoft social search offering.

Betsy Aoki, the Windows Live Community Program Manager posts on the QnA Blog:

We hadn’t planned to talk about this yet but some Web pages went live overnight and well, we decided we might as well turn on the blog and give you the straight scoop. You’ll be seeing more on this blog about our team and our product as the days go by. In the meantime here are some more details about what we are doing.

They’ve also included some nice snapshots and descriptions of the service.

More info and direction behind Windows Live QnA:

Windows Live QnA gives us an opportunity to showcase unique knowledge – provided, filtered, rated and approved by human beings – not available anywhere else.

Ultimately, QnA will be deeply integrated with Windows Live Search, providing a rich, integrated searching service – enabling you to search and find answers on the Web, or from experts on a given topic as part of a vertical search experience.

Windows Live QnA beta is the latest example of our efforts to continue to redefine search to make it faster and more relevant for our consumers with live connections to information they want. We want to put the consumer in control of their search experience, customize it for their context, present search results in a usable format, and empower users to make their own choices.

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Windows Live QnA Update & Screenshots

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