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Will Google Save Twitter?

Will Google Save Twitter?

Twitter developer Alex Payne made a fairly transparent post about how Twitter is working to fix its performance issues and ongoing development work. If you love Twitter, read the entire post.

Here’s what stuck out the most to me :

I’m constantly exploring new technologies, and I’ve also enjoyed working with Merb and Google App Engine for small projects recently.

Hmmm… Google. Twitter. Twitter. Google. Salvation?

Would You Still Use a Googlefied Version of Twitter?

Is it any coincidence that Twitter just received a round of $15 million VC funding in a $80 million valuation and now they are making announcements, dropping a hint that they are working with Google?

Google wants to be social. And Twitter is social.

Twitter, at an $80 million valuation, has perhaps given 25% of its company up for $20 million in total funding. That’s a rather large chunk of a business for funding development to keep their simple messaging system afloat.

If they do not find a way to monetize, they’re going to probably keep having more problems and sell off more chunks of the farm.

Google has proven that they can monetize conversations with GMail and GTalk. Should we be expecting a test of AdSense on Twitter anytime soon?

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