Will Google Save Twitter?

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Twitter developer Alex Payne made a fairly transparent post about how Twitter is working to fix its performance issues and ongoing development work. If you love Twitter, read the entire post.

Here’s what stuck out the most to me :

I’m constantly exploring new technologies, and I’ve also enjoyed working with Merb and Google App Engine for small projects recently.

Hmmm… Google. Twitter. Twitter. Google. Salvation?

Would You Still Use a Googlefied Version of Twitter?

Is it any coincidence that Twitter just received a round of $15 million VC funding in a $80 million valuation and now they are making announcements, dropping a hint that they are working with Google?

Google wants to be social. And Twitter is social.

Twitter, at an $80 million valuation, has perhaps given 25% of its company up for $20 million in total funding. That’s a rather large chunk of a business for funding development to keep their simple messaging system afloat.

If they do not find a way to monetize, they’re going to probably keep having more problems and sell off more chunks of the farm.

Google has proven that they can monetize conversations with GMail and GTalk. Should we be expecting a test of AdSense on Twitter anytime soon?

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Once again Google digging in where others do not.

    I won’t be surprised to see some Google ads on Twitter.

  • Twitter Japan launched with ads (I believe by Google) so it may be interesting to find out what feedback that is getting. I’d have no problems with ad displays if it meant the service would perform more stabily.

  • I would gladly trade greater uptime for fees and/or ads. Free twitter — 1 of N posts in your feed is a clearly labeled ad. Pay twitter — no ads.

  • Yes, I would still use Twitter if Google ads appeared. Just because the ads are there doesn’t mean I’m being forced to click on them. Although, if it helped monetize Twitter, which in turn helped improve Twitter, I’d probably click something that interested me.

    Sharon Bray-McPherson

  • I think it would depend on the number of characters the ad’s were displayed in – if the ad’s outweigh the actual tweets then – no.

    Hard to say though… most of us can tune the ads out completely – banner blindness and all 😉


  • @David Brown : Good point NEO. Perhaps the ads should also be translated into Twitter speak for high click thrus.

  • Ugh, I would prefer anyone but Google to attach themselves to Twitter.

  • @DazzlinDonna What about AOL? 🙂

  • No problem with Adsense ads provided they’re not ‘in your face’ so that the extremely simple user experience of Twitter is not compromised.

  • It seems sad to us that in order to play with the big boys these days, that one must “sell out” in order to do so.

  • I would keep using it and if it enhances Twitter’s performance all the better.

  • Give me 100% uptime and don’t take away from the user experience and I’m good with it.

    It’s like how CoComment is now running shitty ads in their comment box but at least the service is solid.

  • Google is great an all, but more and more I get the feeling that Google is simply getting too big. Everywhere I go I hear about Google. They seem to take over nearly every promising startup out there, they’re becoming a bit of a Microsoft, running a monopoly.

  • I Think, twitter (pure social) should take care to manage adwords in profile or any where in the site with out disturb to current social workers or Unique visitors.

    twitter’ve got very good developer and management team , but lets see if we can get more benifits with twitter and google.


  • Taking into consideration that Google acquired Ev’s first venture (Blogger), and that by delivering ads in Twitter (with the right algorithm) Google can get an access a very targeted audience at the right time, (very similar to text messaging?), it makes perfect sense for Google to eventually acquire Twitter. I made a case for this in a blog post I wrote back in early April. Facebook could also benefit by a Twitter acquisition, but they still have ways to go developing their own platform, so Google is the natural suitor.

  • Google have bought Jaiku, and since then I haven’t heard a word about Jaiku although I have like it more then twitter, but somehow they have just stopper after Google deal?!

  • There are a lot of social media startups that launched with a great idea and no way to make money. At some point all of these sites will have to find ways to pay back the investors and pay their own salaries or sell up to larger companies. Personally, I prefer the idea of a vast array of social media sites to choose from than 2 or 3 large networks with every possibility folded into one brand.

  • It seems that all the anti-Google comments on here are from people that rely on the Google services to sell and promote their online garbage, maybe Google should start filtering out internet marketers exploiting the Google system and send them back to where they crawled out from.