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Wikipedia on the iPod – Encyclopodia WikiPodia?

Wikipedia on the iPod – Encyclopodia WikiPodia?

Wikipedia on the iPod – Encyclopodia WikiPodia?

Just ran across this link today about a version of Wikipedia which is available for download on the Apple iPod – Encyclopodia. Totally Wicked-pedia idea, having the Wikipedia available for viewing on iPod – and scheduled updates.


Encyclopodia is a free software project that brings the Wikipedia, which is one of the largest encyclopedias on the world, on the Apple iPod MP3-Player. It has been successfully tested on a third-generation iPod and on an iPod mini, but it should also work on other iPod generations.”

Wikipedia on the iPod – Encyclopodia WikiPodia?

Encyclopodia is open source and available via Sourceforge.

They are also looking for donations for those who use and like their service : “Encyclopodia is free software, but this does not mean that it isn’t hard work to develop and maintain this system. If you find Encyclopodia useful, I would really appreciate a small donation so that Encyclopodia can continue to exist in the future.

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