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SMS Text has completed the first stage of integrating content into WikiAnswers, a Wiki Q&A service. The content on WikiAnswers is an ongoing collaboration of shared knowledge, using the “wiki” methodology best known for its use on Wikipedia (where a great deal of content originates from). says that the quality of the Q&A WikiAnswers is monitored by category supervisors and anyone can lend their thoughts and viewpoints to the wiki.

“On other Q&A sites, similar questions get asked over and over again, and the answers can’t be improved upon when they contain mistakes,” says WikiAnswers founder, Chris Whitten, now’s Director of WikiAnswers. “On WikiAnswers, however, we merge duplicate questions together and then grow them with collaboration, so that good answers become great answers over time.”

“The integration of WikiAnswers is the next stage in our mission to become the leading online answer provider, whether answers come from our existing library of licensed, branded, attributable reference titles; from the Web; or now from a community of experts or interested participants,” explained Bob Rosenschein, CEO of

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker
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  • CVOS

    As more media and references “go social” there need to be some very tight controls on what is fact and what is opinion. I’m all for a wiki-answers mashup, but there needs to be some accountability somewhere.

    At least with the Encyclopedia Britannica books you knew they represented truth.

  • Dempsey

    “on Wikipedia (where a great deal of content originates from).”

    I’m not sure this is factually true. is an aggregator. If your search term doesn’t hit their original content (unlikely to), and doesn’t hit on their licensed reference sources (more likely), it’ll retrieve a Wikipedia entry (highly likely). If there’s no hit on Wikepedia, Answers serves up a Google search.

    It’s been awhile, but I think that’s how it works. Oh dear, is this a comment-jack. Sorry about that.

  • CarstenCumbrowski

    It’s funny. Wikipedia has already for a while something like that. It’s called “Reference Desk”

    See here

    It works actually pretty good. However, WikiAnswer has something the Reference Desk does not. A rating system that pushes always relevant Questions up and keeps them visible. It’s also structured deeper.

    The Reference Desk is chronological organized and has only eight major categories and is sorted by time of entry after that. I don’t think that the Reference Desk is much known outside of Wikipedia. Maybe worth a post.


    p.s. And the Reference Desk is not plastered with Google Ads like WikiAnswers. 🙂

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