Why You Should Not Ignore Pinterest in Your Social Media Strategy

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Social media is has become an integral part of Internet marketing. However, most businesses are not using social media to its full potential. Apart from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which other social media sites are you concentrating on? You should be in every social media site where your target audience is hanging out on. And this brings us to Pinterest.

According to Mediabistro, users are spending more time on Pinterest than Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. Pinterest is big and growing. Recent stats show this image and video based social networking site has just reached 48.7 million users. If your target market is hanging out on Pinterest, you cannot afford not to have a presence there.

How Pinterest Works

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site where you can “pin” videos and images to share with others on online pinboards. The site is similar to other social bookmarking sites, but only allows you to share videos and images. People can follow you and re-pin the content you share. You can also re-pin, comment or like content pinned by other users.

Visuals generate more engagement on social media. Given the visual nature of the social network, you can use it to drive traffic to your website, generate leads and maximize sales. If you have not been taking Pinterest seriously, it’s time to take action. Pinterest is a perfect complement of other inbound traffic generation techniques such as SEO, email marketing and blogging.

Here are some of the benefits of using Pinterest:

  1. Drive massive quality traffic to your site. ideeli.com, a retail deal site saw a 446% increase in traffic from Pinterest, which resulted in an increase of sales by 500%.
  2. Get a platform to build relationships with customers and establish credibility. Melanie Duncan, the founder of Entrepreneurs Academy managed to make a name for herself using Pinterest.
  3. Share content with your followers without having to write a lengthy blog post.
  4. It is a better choice for sharing business product images and videos compared to Twitter and Facebook.

Pinterest was launched in 2010 and has seen an upward growth ever since. This online “pin board” grows fast due to its visual orientation, with the majority of users being women between ages 25-54. However, recent reports show that men have been joining the site.

If you are struggling to get traffic to your website, Pinterest may be the ingredient that you need. A report by Shareholic shows that the site drives more referral than LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ combined.

The chart below, courtesy of Statista.com, shows the rise of Pinterest

From the chart, you can quickly tell how much time users spend on this social media site and the number of new user.

Using Pinterest to Generate Traffic and Leads

With the immense potential of Pinterest to drive traffic, you should have an active presence at the social network. Create your account and start engaging with potential customers. Here are three tips that will help you boost your Pinterest marketing strategy:

  1. Use automatic pin scheduler

  2. Use auto follow to expand

  3. Integrate WordPress with Pinterest

Ignoring Pinterest is equal to ignoring great potential for your company or business. Combined with other inbound marketing strategies, Pinterest can help you build a community of vibrant prospects that can become leads and customers.

You need to come up with a Pinterest content strategy to build your brand online and establish your business as a leader in your industry. Sharing compelling, educational and interesting content will help you get followers fast that you can nurture to become customers.


Roye Okupe
Roye Okupe is a Marketing & Branding expert focused on helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses grow.  He is the founder of Roye Productions, an Inbound Marketing agency with a variety of services designed to transform businesses into major players in their markets.
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  • http://thatluckyboy.com Chris | thatluckyboy.com

    I’m completely neglected Pinterest to date. In fact I don’t think I’ve even loaded up the homepage! I’m not sure why. Can’t say I’ve heard about it much outside of SEO circles..

    But! You’ve convinced me. I’ll take a proper look in the next few days and see what it can do for my travel blog.

    Thanks. 🙂

    • http://epinterestfollowers.com/ Tahmid

      I never neglected Pinterest. I love it. I love to pins and getting followers. From pinterest marketing I am getting a large number of visits to my site!

    • http://www.rankwatch.com Sahil

      Visually engaging content in the form of images & videos does get lot of eyeballs in social media. Pinterest drives lot of quality, engaging click-through traffic to the site. Visual content has a great deal of impact on user’s decision making. Instagram is another social media site where brands are active these days and are making their presence felt to get traction.

  • Noralil Ryan Fores


    Grammar Error: “You should be in every social media site where your target audience is hanging out on.”

    Correction: “You should be on every social media site where your target audience is,” or “You should be on every social media site that your target audience is hanging out on.”

    Correction should ease readability.

  • http://www.eyeflow.com/blog/ Kristina

    Great article! I think more businesses and marketers need to pay attention to the new opportunities on Pinterest!
    Pinterest reaches a wide range of users. Boards can be made to suit everyone’s likes and needs. For this reason, the site appeals to folks with a wide variety of interests. The more pins a website has, the more traffic it receives. As a pin starts to go viral, the original website receives more and more traffic.

  • http://www.acsius.com/ Arun Singh

    Pinterest is a good way to get traffic and promote our business. Its become too famous in a little time and give really good benefit. I had no knowledge before of it but i m working on Pinterest from last few months and its work really very well.