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Why Opera Browser?

Why Opera Browser?

I have been quite vocal about my preference for the Opera Browser since quite sometime. People keep on recommending me alternatives like Maxthon or Firefox but they forget the fact that I know what I do so I know what works best for me. I have been on the net since around 6 years now, I have used every possible alternative available to me for surfing the web, and I prefer Opera over the rest.

It all started in one of my old companies where my basic work scenario required me to research on the net. There was no Firefox (or Phoenix or Firebird) then. Internet Explorer was the standard and that is what I used. However, it was not a good enough solution. Opening up 15 windows of Internet Explorer on a Windows 98 workstation all loaded with heavy and complicated pages was not a good idea. The system used to crash like there was no tomorrow.

Opera ManThat made me look towards the alternatives. Opera was a good one and came with good recommendations from a friend. The initial reaction was a bit disappointing with a seemingly cluttered interface. However, after a couple hours of surfing in the browser and using the ‘tabs’, I knew I found something I was missing since a long time. It increased my productivity and I saw what possibilities existed while browsing the net. A lot of concepts from Opera were later replicated in competitive browsers.

Opera 8 is the latest in the series of releases from the browser company. And from what I have seen, it seems to be faster and smoother than ever. It now manages my mail, it let me talk to people on the IRC and even let me access the numerous RSS feeds around the web. I still use all the other major browsers available in the market sometime or the other. Most of the time it is due to the nature of the website which forces me to use a non-Opera browser. I have grown to live with it. Opera still manages to keep me attached to it for like 80% of the time I spent online.

Sushubh Mittal is the Technical Columnist at Search Engine Journal and Editor of Techwhack.

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Why Opera Browser?

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