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Why Doesn’t Google Honor Memorial Day in the US?

Google, Yahoo, and other search engines usually make a rather big deal out of modifying their logos for different holidays and happenings.

Today is Memorial Day the United States, a National Holiday remembering soldiers & veterans lost in war.

Yahoo and, even Dogpile all commemorate Memorial Day, along with other holidays, but for some reason Google is not choosing to do so.

Yahoo Memorial Day

Ask Memorial Day

Google Memorial Day

Google, we love you, but you really can’t have it both ways. You can send Larry Page to Washington DC the week before Memorial Day to ask our Congress for access to the property of the citizens of the United States, but you cannot honor those who have given their lives to create and protect the Constitution of the United States of America?

When they launch new logos for other holidays and the other search engines have made it a custom to honor America’s fallen, why exactly is it that Google choosing not to honor Memorial Day?

Note : Although Live Search does not honor Memorial Day with a logo, does have extensive coverage of the holiday.

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Why Doesn’t Google Honor Memorial Day in the US?

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