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Google recently published a video reminding us of how bigger is better.

I agree that bigger is better, but not in every case. Google has stated and continues to state that the 3 formats that perform the best are: 728×90, 300×250, and 160×600. They mean business with this too, because they are not letting up about informing publishers of this.

However, I have seen some smaller formats outperform some of my bigger banners time and time again.

Something I’d like to remind everyone is to take what Google says with a grain of salt. Do not take what Google says as the only and last authority on the subject. They are just one resource out of thousands of resources out there that can help and guide you as a publisher.

A couple years ago, Christian Ashlock wrote an article sharing some tips about how to optimize your AdSense earnings through different types of advertising. I think this article is still relevant today that it’s not just size, but it’s also type.

Take a look at the article, I think it’s a worthwhile read.

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  • http://www.websight.org WebSite Design Orange County

    Bigger IS better, for Google.

  • http://www.ginside.com Jonathan Dingman

    In some circumstances, I would even go to say most circumstances, but definitely not *all* circumstances

  • http://www.personalcanvasart.com Photo Canvas Art

    Yes, I personally feel that both type and size are equally important

  • http://www.sockmoney.com Sockmone

    Some of the advice in the referenced article is outdated in my opinion. One of his three tips involves allowing site targeting.

    I’ve seen big problems with spam advertisers hitting my site’s top ad spots with completely irrelevant ads that had nothing to do with my page. No one was clicking them, so my CTR plummeted, my eCPM plummeted… and of course my revenue plummeted.

    I had to contact Google directly to turn off site-targeting globally on my account since there were literally hundreds of advertisers site-targeting my site’s category, so I was getting tons of non-relevant ads.

    In my opinion, site targeting is NOT for everyone.

    Also, he mentions in tip number one that you should allow all add formats (image, text, video). I disagree. If you are are designing your ad placements as carefully as I do, you want your ads to be as embedded and integrated as possible. If you allow all three formats, it becomes nearly impossible to make a really solid integration of the ads. I design ad slots specifically for text ads, then other spots specifically for image ads. It is all part of the page design/balance. Allowing any old ad to show throws of the balance of the page (in my case) and hurts and earnings, regardless of whether the ad is paying more.