Who Needs SEO When You Have No Competition?

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It’s no secret that SEO is not easy (and it’s not cheap). It takes a ton of effort to earn that top spot on a great majority of SERPs because there are so many others who also want that top spot. Google wants the most relevant entries first, and in many cases there are several entries that would all qualify. It’s SEO that sets you apart and lets you show search engines bots, “hey, I belong here” by revising your site to show them exactly what they need to see.

For some companies, however, it’s not a mad dash to improve SEO for that first spot because that first spot isn’t hard to grasp. Government agencies, certain non-profit organizations, and those who have created a one-of-a-kind product or service don’t have much competition. It’s easy to think: Who needs SEO when you have no competition?

Why SEO Isn’t Always about Beating the Competition

I’ll admit that this was a question that I had to really ponder. There might be some reasons it’s a good thing, but is spending all of that money on SEO and making it a part of your business really a necessity when you’ve already got that top spot locked down? I just wrote an article on the Higher Visibility blog about this topic and felt it deserved extra attention.  Below are a few reasons that SEO should still be a part of every website despite having no competition:

  • Optimizing your site for search engine’s also means improving usability for your readers.

In many cases, what you need to do to optimize your website actually helps readers navigate and understand your website. After all, the whole reason Google wants you to optimize your site in the first place is for readers. You have to make sure that you don’t look at SEO as simply a marketing tactic, but rather a usability one. Your site needs to be a place readers come for quality content, easy navigation through internal linking, breadcrumbs, etc., and a place to really engage with others in the community, and all of this falls under the SEO umbrella.

  • You need to be prepared for future competition.

The vast majority of companies will see competition eventually, even those that think there is absolutely no way. Just in case, you want to be prepared with a solid SEO plan so that when the competition does arrive, you already have your SEO in place. After all, SEO takes a long time to see results. This will give you the edge as opposed to having to start from scratch and battle it out with the new company.

  • You want to be able to communicate with search engines to reach a good status.

SEO is about communicating with search engines as well as with readers. The benefits that search engine bots can offer you is not only that number one spot. The PR of your website is given to you by search engine bots based upon your SEO. This is one indication that readers may use to determine the quality of your site. As I stated in my previous article, you want to “show customers that you really are the best no matter what—you’re not just the only thing available.”

The one good thing about having no competition is that there is no pressure and there is no rush. You still want to put time and thought into SEO, but you have the luxury of putting other aspects of your company ahead of it. You likely won’t need to hire a big SEO agency to help you, so try it on your own first or seek the help of just one expert.

Do you think that people need SEO if there is no competition? Do you have experience with this issue? Let us know your story and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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Amanda DiSilvestro

Amanda DiSilvestro

Online Content Editor/Writer at HigherVisibility
Amanda DiSilvestro gives small business and entrepreneurs SEO advice ranging from keyword density to recovering from Panda and Penguin updates. She writes for HigherVisibility, a... Read Full Bio
Amanda DiSilvestro
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  • Chenzo

    Amanda – great article – I believe one of the reasons my current clients love me – is I have had my fair share of potential clients that I have been upfront and honest with and would not allow them to invest in SEO and they are always stunned but so amazed – I didn’t just take their money and “yes” them to death,

    Your pal,

    • Sahil

      Since Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm updates, SEO is all about content marketing, building relationships, usability, creating brand awareness, gaining users trust and as a result getting loyal customers.

  • Riza

    Optimizing your site for search engine’s also means improving usability for your readers.-this!

    A lot of people has this misconception that when it’s SEO, it’s all about pleasing Google bots or other search engines’ bots. But no, as the above statement implies, it’s more about your consumers.

    Nice article!

    Riza, Kingged.com contributor

  • Reg Charie

    If you have the top spot “locked down” you are ALREADY doing SEO.

    In today’s search results there are NO categories that have no competition.

    “The PR of your website is given to you by search engine bots based upon your SEO.”
    No it is not. PR is based on the number and relevance of your links.
    You can have terrible on page SEO and still get links.

  • Michael- SEO Chicago

    From working in SEO I’ve found that it takes time. Its not something that can be done in a week and its over. You have to constantly keep your site updated and you have to make sure your using content that is relevant to your site! Thanks for the read!

  • Matt Coffy

    Great article, Amanda, thanks for writing down your thoughts. I would have to agree with the previous comment that optimizing your website and pages should not only for reasons to rank high in the SERPs. Your customers (audience) should be your top priority – take care of their needs even though you think you’re not getting anything in return. By providing information and assistance, you’ll gain more.

  • Arch

    I agree with all your points Amanda, great article. I would also like to add the fact that SEO and SEM can also increase a company’s popularity especially when used in social media. Even if they don’t have any competition social media plays a huge role in company sales and popularity.