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What’s Trending This Year? An Overview of The 2015 Internet Trends Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

Check out the top 5 trends from KPCE's Internet Trends 2015 report, and how they relate to digital marketers, business owners, and brands.

The Internet Trends 2015 Report by KPCB | SEJ

Each year, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) presents their annual Internet Trends Report. Digital marketers, brand managers, and internet enthusiasts from around the world eagerly await its availability.

The 2015 report was no different and well worth the wait. With the report coming in right under 200 pages, you can find almost any information you ever wanted to know about the internet. I love reports, data, and statistics just as much as the next person, but reading through such a massive report can be daunting.

For this reason, I combed through the report and focused on the top five trends and how they relate to digital marketing, digital presence management, and local search for business owners and brands.

The images below are excerpted are from a complete infographic that was created through my company, Advice Interactive.

1. Internet Usage is in Overtime

Internet Trends 2015 - Internet Usage

In the last 15 years, internet users have gone from millions to billions. Once, we all used telephone books, word of mouth, and driving by a business as our main method for finding the products or services that we were looking for. Now, the majority of consumers are using the internet exclusively for search. This means businesses and brands not managing their online digital presence are losing out to their competitors.

To win this battle, businesses and brands need to make sure they have well optimized local profiles on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all the major social media websites.

2. Mobile Rules the Web

Internet Trends 2015 - Mobile Users

With mobile phone users penetrating 73% of the market, websites must be optimized for mobile. One of Google’s ranking factors is a website’s mobile-friendliness. This means consumers searching on their mobile devices may not see websites that are not mobile optimized. Google provided a mobile friendly test to help businesses and brands understand what Google thinks of their website.

Digging into this a bit deeper, you need to understand that search results are based on website rankings in the search engines and that ranking is determined in large part by consistent mentions of a business or brand online, which includes a business’s location data – name, address and phone number (NAP), website, and keyword focus.

 3. Content and News in Micro-Moments

Internet Trends 2015 - Content

Consumers once looked for news in the local and national newspapers delivered to their doors or on their favorite news channel on TV. Today, content and news information is now on the internet and their mobile devices. Consumers can now explore the world and all the unique perspectives and viewpoints it has to offer with one quick click.

The proliferation of internet usage has given consumers a need for instant gratification. If they are looking for information or products and services, they want to find it now at that moment. This need consumers have to find what they want instantly is known as a micro-moment.

As Google pointed out consumers have “Want-to-know moments. Want-to-go moments. Want-to-do moments. Want-to-buy moments. They’re all micro-moments, and they’re the new battleground for brands.”

Businesses and brands need to present information in a quick, compelling and well-organized manner in search results. If there is something trending in the news or on social media, the brand that writes a blog, tweets about it, or starts the conversation first will win when a consumer that has one of these want-to-know moments.

4. Drones – The Future Or Fantasy

Internet Trends 2015 - Drone Usage

Another interesting statistic in this report is the growing use of drones by consumers and the variety of ways they are being used. Contrary to what many may believe, drones are not just for spying or military applications. They are used to capture soil and growth information in agriculture, pit surveys and stockpile management in mining, and the list goes on.

Consumers are also now buying drones for personal use. Think of how convenient it would be to order something from a restaurant and instead of sending a delivery driver, they send a drone. I predict the usage of drones will continue to increase and one day it will be common to see them flying around everywhere.

5. Last, But Certainly Not Least: Online Security

Internet Trends 2015 - Cyber Attacks

Since the internet is the primary mode of giving and receiving information as well as goods and services, this means it is imperative that all online business data is secure. Not just logins, passwords, and credit card information, but monitoring tools to secure a business or brand’s online reputation.

There are many third-party platforms to help with this achieving this. Local Site Submit is one platform my company created that ensures a business’s NAP data is consistent and accurate online, plus helps with review monitoring and much more. Consumers need to trust that your business is a safe place for them to buy products or services and one negative experience that is not corrected will destroy that trust.

According to Placeable, “73% of consumers surveyed said they lose trust in a local business when it has inconsistent location data.”

Is Your Business Representing Its Best Self Online?

These five trends are just a snapshot of what businesses and brands need to do to prepare and compete in this mobile world. The internet is here to stay and it will only become more powerful in the future.

What are you doing for your business and clients to keep the competitive edge? Read KPCB’s full report and share what you see as the future of digital marketing.


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Featured Image: Sergey Nivens/
In-post Photos: Images by Advice Interactive Group

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What’s Trending This Year? An Overview of The 2015 Internet Trends Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

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