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What’s Next in Social Media For Google? SocialStream.

As the social space keeps developing and growing, you really think Google will just sit in the sidelines and watch? I think not. Besides Orkut, Google has been working to develop new social media projects, like SocialStream.


Human Interaction Computer Institute states:

SocialStream is the result of a Google-sponsored capstone project in the Master’s program at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute. This project was guided by three goals that built upon each other:

* Initial Task: Rethink and reinvent online social networking

* Refined Focus: Discover the user needs related to social networking and explore how a unified social network service can enhance their experience.

* Prototype Goal: Create a system for users to seamlessly share, view, and respond to many types of social content across multiple networks.

SocialStream allows users to interconnect content from different social networks into one. SocialStream would be based on a unified social network (USN), a single network that provides social data to other sites as a service.

HCII also describes SocialStream as, “…emphasizes improving social connections by making it more efficient to communicate with, share with, and view the social content of all the people in a user’s online social network. Socialstream provides a compelling user experience because it aggregates content across many different networks so a user has a single location to discover new content and communicate. The goal of Socialstream is to present social information in a way that ties it to the person who posted the information, and not the site from which it came.”

Pablo Palatnik is Managing Partner of eTrend Media Group, which specializes in Pay-Per-Click Management & Social Media Optimization.

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What’s Next in Social Media For Google? SocialStream.

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