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What’s in a Name – More Google? Lost Goggles!

What’s in a Name – More Google? Lost Goggles!

Remember MoreGoogle, the Google IE add on which wasn’t not related to Google in any way other than it merged into the Google results when searched from Internet Explorer? Well, recently they had to drop their Google oriented name and have come up with a new identity- LostGoggles!

Chris Richardson at WebProNews reports on the simple change.

The premise of the program is still the same; offering thumbnail shots of sites featured in Google’s search results. However, there have been some changes to the model Andreas used the first time. Previously, installed versions of MoreGoogle would “hijack” ads that appeared in a user’s browser, altering them so ads for MoreGoogle appeared. Andreas has removed this practice from LostGoggles.

LostGoggles does include new features, however. One of the new twists includes the use of enhanced results for According to the LostGoggles FAQ:

If a Google search result is a link to an product page, MoreGoogle – in association with – is able to display

* A product image (instead of an site thumbnail)
* Media type (such as Hardcover, Paperback, Audio CD, DVD, Computer Game, etc)
* Current price
* Prices of used and new items from Third-Party merchants
* Customer rating information

LostGoggles comes in the form of a small DLL file, which is installed by a proper installer. Now, using it becomes as simple as searching for a keyword on Google as usual. The utility adds a thumbnail image (retrieved from Alexa network) along with the results. Other than that, it also adds proper related product images for content related to Amazon product searches.

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What’s in a Name – More Google? Lost Goggles!

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