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What is Google IndexBench?

What is Google IndexBench?

Someone at Google is up to something that has to do with indexes or benches, or both, and has been purchasing several domains related to the term “index bench.”

Gary Price of ResourceShelf and pointed out on Friday that Google has registered the following domain names: (and .org, .info), (and .org, .info), (and .org, .info) and (and .org, .info, .net).

But not only is Google registering the domains, they’re also going after the trademark of this yet to be announced project : Today, we learned that at the same time Google also applied for a trademark (a service mark to be specific) for the term Indexbench.

So what is IndexBench? Garett Rogers guesses that it will be the Google version of the Yahoo Search powered Rollyo : My official guess is that IndexBench will be a “place to build” your own “index”.

While Philipp adds to the speculation : “Something like the Alexa Web Search Platform, a more powerful Google Web Search API.”

I’d lean toward the Rollyo, Eurekster, Yahoo Search Builder type offering, but I think Google will do something crazy with it, like use its behavioral tracking and personalization skills to build each Google user their own default Google IndexBench (think the Google Desktop Sidebar RSS Reader), like a workbench, which can then be customized and added upon.

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What is Google IndexBench?

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