What Can or Should Be Included in a Page Title

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Page title is the most prominent element of the page. It influences major aspects of your website performance:

  • it affects rankings (as search engines consider it when judging what the page is about);
  • it affects clickthrough (as that’s what people mainly focus on when looking through search results).

Now let’s look into elements that should / can be included in a page title depending on your website/ business/ this given page purposes:

1. The page targeted key terms (well, an obvious one): if you want both people and crawlers understand what the page is going to be about, make sure the title uses your keywords (one key phrases per title, don’t repeat it twice);

Title: key terms

2. Company phone number: like Loren previously said, that might be a great idea if you are most interested in direct phone calls. Besides, both Internet Explorer and FireFox (by default) will highlight the phone number and make it clickable. You can then get phone calls from people landing at the search results even before they enter your site.

Title: company phone number

3. Business location: by indicating your country, state and city in the title you can:

  • increase your chances to rank well in local search;
  • get some additional rankings for [keyword +your location] long tail searches.

Again, this should be done if the above is what your business needs. It’s a good idea to include location in the “Contact us” and “About Us” pages.

Title: location

4. The product price can be given on product pages if you offer (comparatively) low prices. This can increase the clickthrough considerably.

Beware though of Google cache (especially if your site is not re-cached often): if you change your pricing, people will still be able to see old pricing within Google SERPs.

Title: product price

5. The company name: if you care about branding, this will help you a lot. Your brand name will repeatedly pop up in SERPs and people will start recognizing it much quicker.

Title: company name

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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Ann Smarty
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  • wow.. that was cool smarty .thanks 🙂

  • Nicole

    It’s all about keywords when adjusting title tags. Good post.

  • Nice quick tip…putting keywords in the page titles is very important but few people do this for SEO. I also like your other suggestions which I haven’t seen mentioned before.

  • Ann I see you used Pompilios in you example. Are you located in the Cincinnati area?

  • Good information. So far i know only the title is created with the text. But now i know the techniques of using phone number, business name, address, etc. in title for better crawl and user friendly.

  • Nice list. 1 comment though: the usage of the company is preferable done at the end of the title, not the beginning. Search engines take the location of key words in account, and page specific words (‘sale’, ‘contact’, ‘flowers’) at the beginning of the title score better than at the end. Hence, marketing your brand via the title can best be done at the end of the title (unless your brand is your usp of course).

  • Really good post,briefing the importance of title tag for seo tatics

  • Great article.

  • A key point that Ann brought up deserve a bit more clarification. Most all businesses care about branding BUT is it more important than having critical keywords in your title? I would suggest that you drop the ego and focus on a powerful page title without the company name. When people are looking for product like jewelry, they are going to look if the title and description matches what they are looking for. Unless your business name is Tiffany, the person conducting a search for jewelry will likely not care. When our existing customers want to find us again for a follow up purchase they either type in our business name, Trezora, or “glass jewelry” for which we are rated #1 in Google (even though our page rank dropped from a 4 to a 3 – but that’s another story).

  • Probuddha

    Q. Most all businesses care about branding BUT is it more important than having critical keywords in your title?

    110% Yes! Branding is long term while organic ranks might be short term. As you said when your customer look for your site they search with your company name – that’s the power of branding. If you base your business solely on organic SE ranks, you might be in for a big toss the moment Google tweaks their algo a bit.

    However, your perspective is also right and I would suggest that keep the company name in the page titles, but at the end of it since the search engines place a lot of importance to keywords placed at the beginning of a page title.

    IMO, it would be smart if we divide a page title into 2 parts:

    First 30 – 35 chars – Keywords for the search engines

    Next 30 chars – To entice clicks and brand reinforcement

  • Martin

    Clickable phone? Only if you have Skype installed, with the IE and Firefox plugin. You also need Skype Credit for landline calls.
    Your statement “both Internet Explorer and FireFox (by default) will highlight the phone number and make it clickable” is NOT true.

  • Thanks for this list. I will think about it and will propably change some things connected with my title…

  • @Martin, both at FireFox and IE have the plugin once you install the browser… I never had to install the addon myself – it already was there!

  • @Jaan, nah, I am in Ukraine currently 🙂

  • You can’t be serious. Clickable phone is feature of Skype’s FF/IE extension and is not part of standard instalation of Firefox or IE.

    So “both Internet Explorer and FireFox (by default) will highlight the phone number and make it clickable” is NOT true.

  • Be careful also about the order of the word you put in the title. A B C is not the same of C A B for Google.

  • Useful written recently after upgrading CMS changed the title pages and in search of higher up all pages. With a brand and a good description of a very good effect is obtained even if the site is not in the first place, people are more attractive. With the prices I think you can specify in the description